Its a boy!!!

Keith and I went in for the big ultrasound this afternoon and we found out we’re having a boy! We’re so excited!!! We would have been excited either way, but we’re just happy its not a mystery anymore. I’m pretty sure Keith is picking out UNT football gear for the baby at this moment.

Now comes the fun part of picking out a name! We had agreed on a girl’s name, but we seem to be having trouble agreeing on a boy’s name. Hopefully we’ll pick a name soon!


We have movement!!!

So I was using my doppler this morning and thought it would be funny to have the baby hear its own heartbeat, so I placed the speaker on my belly. Well Baby did not like that at all! I immediately starting feeling some definite kicks or punches...it was an amazing feeling! It really does feel like gas. I really haven’t felt much after this morning, but that was all I needed! I’m still trying to take everything a day at a time and I realize that this was a huge milestone for us. Thanks for reading!


Happy New Year!

Well hello! Here we are in 2010 and Keith and I can’t wait for what it has in store for us!  I have been wanting to start a website for the new blessing on the way for months and I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten around to it.

Not much has been going on with Baby lately, all seems to be going great! I recently purchased a fetal doppler and it has been amazing being able to listen to that little heartbeat after a long day at work or even when I just need a pick me up. If I can figure out how to attach media to this blog I’ll include a recording.  Every now and then I’ll feel a few flutters, but I’m still not sure about whether its baby movement or just gas. I’m hoping to feel a strong kick soon!
Baby has been growing quickly, and thats pretty evident in its mommy’s belly. I feel like I wake up every morning twice as big as I was the night before! But I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to enjoy my “beautiful pregnancy glow” that everyone has been lying to me about, hehe! I’m just happy the dreadful day-long nausea and morning sickness has come and gone. I was starting to think I was going to have to quit my job since I was so useless! The second trimester definitely brought back my appetite and energy...I’m just trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

In exciting news, Keith and I find out the sex of the baby on Monday, January 4th. We can’t wait to find out and share it with everyone!