8 months!

4 more months to go until the big day! Another month has come and gone and Dylan has yet to sprout his first tooth yet. He still has no interest in crawling either. He started a new class at his daycare (with older kids) so we’re hoping that seeing the other kids crawling and walking will motivate him to get moving. He is adjusting well to his new teachers and friends, and its always nice seeing his old teachers stopping by to play for a little bit. Dylan is doing pretty good with standing while holding on to things and pulling himself up. Maybe he’ll just skip crawling all together! Dr. Coco told me not to worry, so I’m doing the best I can.

Dylan continues to try new foods! He really liked butternut squash, but was not too thrilled with winter squash. After two night of projectile vomiting, it finally ended up in the trash. He has outgrown his swing for sleeping, and is now napping on the couch or in his crib at school. Better start making some room in the attic!

Unfortunately, Dylan got bronchiolitis due to RSV this past week. But the medications seem to be helping and he’s still the happy baby he’s always been...Dr. Coco even said he’s the happiest baby with RSV he’s even seen!

Dylan also got to see his 1st snow this month! He had no idea what was going on and why mommy was taking so many pictures of him when it was freezing outside, but they were great memories for Keith and I. And he is also talking up a storm. He is babbling all the time and using all sorts of vowels (there’s the SLP in me coming out). He is growing so fast, even though he is taking his sweet time in some areas of development...he’ll get there when he’s good and ready!