21 months!

I am so happy to report that Dylan (and everyone else) is finally feeling better *knocking on wood*! But with this crazy Texas winter of 50 degrees one day and 75 degrees the next, it's no wonder someone is always feeling a little under the weather. We're all anxiously awaiting the spring weather and more park time (plus Spring Break is only 2 weeks away!).

Last weekend I took Dylan to the library for the first time. He LOVES books and I thought it'd be good for him to get a taste of some different ones since he seems to read the same ones over and over again. He's really enjoyed reading his library books before bedtime, he especially loves Little Critter. We may get to make "library time" a usual thing now!

They had puzzles too!

He really wanted to check-out his books by himself...

Also, Dylan turned 21 months last Sunday. Holy cow, only 3 more months until he turns 2!!! I couldn't believe how tall he's gotten in just 3 months. 

Ever since I made a Valentine's Day banner (and saw how cute it turned out), I have been wanting to make one for Dylan's bedroom door.

Then I just added some letter to spell his name :-)

For Christmas Dylan received a Lightning McQueen racetrack from Grandma & Grandpa B, but he hasn't paid too much attention to it, until recently. For the past 2 weeks, as soon as he wakes up in the morning or as soon as he gets home from school, he runs over to his toy bin and starts pulling out the tracks, asking us to put the track together so he can play with it. I'm not sure where this sudden interest came from, but I'm happy he likes playing with cars.

Keith helped him build a ramp from the couch, making the car go faster...because Daddy always makes things cooler...

Dylan has been so obsessed with music since he was born, really. It must be innate in him (or Daddy's 'Power of Persuasion' is amazing). Whenever he's upstairs playing in his room, he has to have music on. Whenever we're in the car, his CD has to be playing (mostly Baby Einstein or The Laurie Berkner Band...he LOVES her!). Here are a few video's of Dylan enjoying his music...

Last night I was so excited to attend a photog workshop from the very talented Sara Barnes! I've really been inching towards wanting to take that next step to get better at photography and she had some great advice for me. I'm ready to start getting some more practice!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!

 It hasn't been too busy around here lately, and I'm perfectly okay with that! I have quite a few pictures to catch everyone up on!

Dylan started taking his lunch to school on Friday's since he won't eat what they usually serve on that day (sandwiches)...he's so excited to walk into school with his turtle lunchbox.

Super cute pinwheels!!!

Playing at Jump Mania in Plano one Saturday while Daddy was judging all day. It was full of bounce houses...he loved it!


This past weekend Keith went out of town to go to TMEA (his annual band convention), however as he was telling Dylan "good-bye" he noticed Dylan was a little warm. I took his temp and boy was I surprised to read 102.1! Guess that meant "sick day" for Dylan and mommy! I took him to see Dr. Coco who said he had minor ear infections, however it didn't explain the high fever since they were only mild. But, like I've mentioned before, he's a high-fever baby so we weren't too worried. 

Playtime during sick days!

Unfortunately the antibiotics and Tylenol weren't making the fever go away and Dylan was extremely fussy. So since Keith was out of town and I was out of sick days (luckily I checked!), I had to call Grandma S. early Friday morning to drive up from Houston to watch Dylan for me so I could go to work (and to top it off, I decided to catch my hair straightener as it flew out of my hand, burning the crap out of 2 fingers...I'm not going to lie, I cried...I balled!!!). I'm so lucky she was able to drop everything and help me! Dylan kept getting fevers until Saturday morning, but he was still very irritable all weekend. His demeanor definitely changed once Keith got home, so I'm sure he was missing Daddy too.

Watching the mice at PetSmart when Dylan was finally well enough to get out of the house...
he was so excited!

Now Dylan has a rash on his back and stomach :-( I knew he had something viral as well and we think he might have roseola. There isn't much we can do about it besides wait for it to leave and luckily he doesn't seem too bothered by it. And I'm happy he was still able to go to school today for his Valentine's Day party. Tonight we enjoyed a nice night at home, nothing fancy. And Keith even bought me some flowers!

Looking through his bag of Valentine's from his friends...

"Oh, a cookie!"

"more cookies!!!"

And a new book from Aunt Stacey...

He likes reading the cards...

Keith's V-day card from Dylan & I

I can't wait for everything to go back to normal and everyone is healthy! This weekend was SO stressful and work has been pretty stressful as well lately, so I'm definitely looking forward to a break soon! :-)