A Day Out With Thomas

When we took Dylan last year to go see Thomas the Tank Engine, he had no idea who Thomas was and wasn't too interested in trains. A year later, he is obsessed with trains and especially Thomas! It is so cute to watch him love something so much and how excited he gets when he sees trains. So a trip to go see Thomas this year was a definite must! Knowing that Keira was going to be about 6 weeks old around the time we'd go, I was hesitant to buy 3 tickets so we could all go, but this was something I wanted us to do as a family. And what made it better was that our great buddies, The Hyde's, would be joining in on the fun. Even before we mentioned to Dylan that Jackson would be going too, he said "I want Jackson to go on the train too!"...true BFFs!

Playing with some trains before boarding on Thomas!

Daddy and Keira in line and so excited!

"Choo, Choo!"

Such a sweet boy :-)

Keira passed out once the train started moving...

And ending the fun with a little sandbox action...

Thanks for the ride, Thomas!

Keira did so well that morning and after a delicious lunch with our buddies, both kids went down for their naps when we got home. Such a fun morning out!


Keira Addyson - 1 Month

Keira is 1 month old...so crazy to think she's been here so long already! I'm actually kind of relieved...the first month of Dylan's life was rough and I remember it getting better once we reached this point, so part of me thinks we dodged a seriously bullet and it should be smooth sailing here on out...hopefully she doesn't have other plans in mind :-/

Keira has had such a good month! She's hardly fussy and only seems to cry when she's hungry or way past tired. She eats very well and naps for 2-3 hours, 3 or 4 times a day. At night she is sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches and she'll go right back to sleep once she's fed...amazing! It seems as soon as we got home she knew the difference between day/night. Unfortunately she snores like her daddy. She has great head control and can tolerate tummy time for up to 10 minutes now. She also has more wake times so we're able to take her out and play with her more. Her eyes go back and forth between blue and green, but I think they'll be green like Keith and Dylan. She has started smiling and vocalizing some ("ooh...ahh"), and she loves staring at her big brother when he tries playing with her.

I have about a week and a half left at home with her and that makes me sad. But I'm so thankful I had this time to bond with her and care for her. She'll start daycare on April 22nd and I know she'll be in great hands with Ms. Nancy. And after that, it's just a few more weeks before we'll have all summer to play! She's still sleeping in our room and we're hoping to have her upstairs in her room by the time I go back to work...wish us luck! Or, wish me luck!


Easter 2013

We had a pretty low-key Easter this year. With a rainy morning, a daddy working half the day (playing at a church), and a 3-week old I'm still scared to take out for more than 5-10 minutes, there wasn't much we could do at home. It turned into a beautiful day outside and I really wished I had something fun planned for Dylan to do, but I've been so distracted these past few weeks I even forgot to make the Bunny Cake. To be honest, they're lucky I remembered to do their Easter baskets. Hopefully next year will be better planned out and more exciting for the kids.

Keira taking a little Easter siesta :-)

Here she's awake...

...and 5 seconds later she's asleep.

Happy 1st Easter, Keira Addyson!