Before Baby #2...

Well, in case you haven't read on Facebook, I have pink eye *sigh*...however this pink eye has made me stay home from work for 2 days *yeah*. I didn't think it was too bad but my doctor ("hot doctor") recommended I not go back to work until Wednesday, so I happily took his advice. While home I've been able to rest (Keith and Dylan both finally managed to get me sick too) and do some cleaning I don't have time to do when I get home from work, and don't feel like doing on the weekends. But mostly, I just want to get rid of all the germs around the house so we can stop getting sick over and over again!

I've also spent some unnecessary time on my computer making photo boards on Lightroom and surfing the internet. One of the bloggers I read made a list of things she'd like to do before she has her second baby and I thought it was a fun idea. Now calm down everyone (grandma's), Baby #2 is nowhere near on it's way yet, but as quickly as these past two years have flown by, I'm sure it'll be here before we know it. So, since I have a lot of time on my hands waiting for clothes to dry in the drier, here's my "Before Baby #2" list:
  • Finish paying off my student loans (this summer, yea!)
  • Potty-train Dylan
  • Take a photography class
  • Buy a new camera lens
  • Take Dylan to Sea World (hopefully in March)
  • Redecorate Dylan's room, possibly with a new "big boy" bed if we decided to reuse the crib
  • Take a long family vacation somewhere far away
  • Start a "Marshall Family" scrapbook
  • I want Keith to get a new computer...he really needs a new one
  • Clean out the closets in Dylan's room and guest bedroom...there's no space anywhere!
  • Have a weekend getaway with Keith
  • And cherish every moment I have with Keith and Dylan...my boys :-)

Its a pretty long list, huh? Thankfully I'm in no rush...just Dylan is enough to keep me plenty busy! Here is a picture I took of him for his V-day cards for his teachers...I was so proud of myself for making the pennant in the background!


Dylan's 1st Trip to the Zoo!

We didn't have school/work on Monday since it was MLK Day and with the temperature reaching 70 degrees (in the middle of January?!?!) we thought it would be fun to take Dylan to the Dallas Zoo. We were excited to take him to the zoo for the first time!

Waiting for the elephants to come out and play!

I can't believe how close we got to the giraffes!

Dylan loved watching the fish...it was like a TV!

Petting the pigs...

...and the goats.
He wasn't too happy about the cleanliness of their place...so my child!

Sitting in a nest at the Children's Zoo play area.

Stopping for a quick snack at the food court and looking exhausted!

"Come on mommy, there's still more to see!"

"Mommy, I'm so tired...let's go home..."

On the way home I snapped a few pictures of the Dallas skyline and of Reunion Tower, where Keith proposed.

Yesterday I finally decided to launch a new Facebook page featuring some of the pictures I've taken of others (I say "others" since most of the pictures I take are of Dylan...of course!). I love taking pictures of/for other people and wanted a place where I can post them and, sure, show them off. I've had a lot of people (and great friends) tell me that my photography has potential and that I should start my own business, and the truth is, although I would LOVE to do that (possibly in the future when I'm more established with photography and more confident with my work where I feel comfortable charging for it), I'm not looking for a second job right now. I'm more than happy to, and looking forward to, take on a few clients, however this is something I'm not really doing for the money, but purely because it's my hobby and I enjoy doing it. So if you'd like, feel free to check out my new page (click here) and don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in letting me take your pictures. Like I said, I'm not in this for the money so I guarantee it'll be cheap!

Keith and Dylan have both been sick this week, so I'm trying my best to avoid them so I don't catch anything. We're all desperately awaiting the weekend, but luckily I have fun plans with wonderful friends on Thursday night and Friday night for dinner and drinks to look forward to! :-)


A Boy and His Ducky...

Dylan was home sick all day today, so when I got home I decided to take him to Kohl's and buy him a new Eric Carle book...he LOVES those books (especially Brown Bear and Very Hungry Caterpillar) and Kohl's has them as their "Kohl's Cares" special with the stuffed animals. When we got there he immediately gravitated to the plush, yellow duck. He loves ducks also and always quacks when we drive by a pond or lake, or when he sees one on TV. So we grabbed a duck, a book, and were on our way!

Holding hands with his ducky as we walk out of the store...

Dylan's cheeks getting rosy...the fever was starting to come back :-(

On our way home we decided to stop at the lake...Dylan wanted to bring his ducky with him, so he could show off his new duck to the other ducks.

"Look duckies!!! Another ducky"

After we got back in the car I was so mad when I remembered I had my digital camera in the diaper bag...oh well, it's not always about the best picture quality. Who am I kidding?!?! This evening Dylan started developing pink eye (which would probably explain the fevers) but luckily we still have some eye drops from the last time he had it. I am also so proud to report that Dylan has been paci-free for a whole week!!! I was SO nervous about it, but he never seemed to notice it was even gone. Thank goodness!


New year, new home!

I love to organize...if I could quit my job and become a professional organizer (with some photography on the side) I would do it in a heartbeat! So with the New Year I decided to start updating some "not so organized" areas around the house. The main areas I wanted to target immediately where the laundry closet, refrigerator, and mail area.


Unfortunately we don't have a laundry room, just a closet, so I really had to make some space for everything. I love these bins I found at Target. I'm also waiting on Keith to paint the bottom board white *hint, hint*.


I removed some clutter and pictures on the fridge.


I removed the mesh organization to make some space on the countertop and moved it all into my new wall organization from Pottery Barn.

I love it!!!

Another fun find was this basket. Michael's was having a sale of 40% off all baskets, so I picked one up for Dylan's downstairs blanket (so we can play "night, night") and his stuffed animals.

Some other areas I want to update/organize are my desk area, Dylan's room and closet, Dylan's toy area downstairs, kitchen pantry, and Keith's closet (if he'll let me...and he will). So keep posted on my upcoming projects!

This past weekend we finally took "Christmas" down and Keith tackled all of the leaves on the front/back yards. Dylan helped him...

He also got some snuggle time in with the kitty...


11 Favorite Photos of 2011!

Here are my Top 11 Favorite Photos of 2011! It was really hard only choosing 11 of them...even harder trying to rank them. But here they are...

#11: Dylan at the Dallas Arboretum (September 2011)

#10: Daddy walking Dylan to his 1st day of school (August 2011)

#9: Dylan's "Easter" pictures at the park (April 2011)

#8: James at the Pumpkin Patch (October 2011)
Of course James had to be one of my favorites! :)

#7: Dylan's "1-year" pictures at Highland Park (May 2011)

#6: The Hyde Family (December 2011)
This year I had the wonderful opportunity to get to photograph other people besides Dylan & Keith...and enjoyed every minute!

#5: Dylan on St. Patrick's Day (March 2011)

#4: Back at Highland Park just because I felt like taking more pictures (June 2011)

#3: The Adamo Family (November 2011)

#2: Bunny pictures for Dylan's Easter cards (March 2011)

#1: Dylan at the Pumpkin Patch with his buddy, Gloworm (October 2011)

Photography has definitely been therapeutic for me this year...I love to do it! Let's see what fun surprises and experiences it'll bring me in 2012 ;-)