Finally, a Snow Day!

We had a couple of ice days in North Texas, but with February coming to an end, I was afraid we weren't going to receive any snow, and Keira would not have a chance to play in it for the first time. At least not for another year. But 2 days before March began, the snow finally started to fall! And it was beautiful! It started falling around 9am, while we were at work, and I was worried it would stop falling before I had a chance to pick up the kids, or that it wasn't going to stick and they wouldn't have a chance to play in it first. But it fell all day and I am so happy I decided to pack my camera in my work bag, just in case. I love these pictures...

After we got home...Keira loves changing everyone's diaper (everyone from her baby, her Gloworm, and Princess Sofia...even Buzz Lightyear poops!)

Thanks for the snow! Now, let's get ready for Spring!!!