Memorial Day Weekend

Dylan had such a busy weekend! On Saturday we had Olivia and Jackson’s birthday parties. Unfortunately Dylan woke up from his nap 30 minutes before Olivia’s party was over, so sadly we missed it. Then we met Grandma & Grandpa S for lunch and headed off to Jackson’s party.

Dylan had such a blast playing with everyone (and especially the slide in the playroom) and Jackson was such a handsome birthday boy! When Dylan got home he had a chance to play with G&G while mommy and daddy went on a date to The Melting Pot.

On Sunday we all drove out to Forney to pick up G&G’s new puppy, Rory! She’s as cute as they come! That afternoon we went out and bought Dylan a swimming pool. He was a bit hesitant of the “outside, cold bath” at first, but couldn’t resists some good old splashing.

Today Dylan & I met Cara and James at the mall for some window shopping. Then, after a good nap, he went grocery shopping with daddy. He’s going to have a lot of stories to tell his friends when he gets to school tomorrow! Looks like we have a lot more fun to look forward to in the next 3 months as summer vacation approaches...we can’t wait!!!


1 year old!!!

Everyone told me to cherish every moment because it would all go by in a heartbeat...they were all right! It really is hard to believe my little man is a year old, but I absolutely love the person he’s becoming.

Dylan isn’t walking yet, but he did start pulling himself up and standing on his own. He will also walk with us holding his hands. Dr. Coco says he probably won’t be walking until closer to 14-15 months, but we’re not rushing him! He’s so quick these days its really getting hard to keep up. He also had a great 1-year check-up and is weighing in at almost 27 pounds...the weight of an average 2-year old!

Dylan has starting trying a lot more different foods. He LOVES to eat out and has a harder time sitting and eating at home...he fits right in our family! His favorite foods right now are Goldfish, string cheese, and yogurt. Hopefully we can get him eating some fruits and vegetables again. Dylan’s also started in the wonderful “tantrum” phase. They don’t last very long, especially if we ignore him, but I’m sure he’s just getting started.

We can’t wait to see what Year 2 has to bring us!!!


Dylan’s 1st Birthday Party!!!

Well Dylan isn’t exactly “1” yet, but we celebrated with his birthday party this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dylan have so much fun!!! We had some great friends and family there and it really helped make the day so special for us. I was getting a little nervous with a few friends canceling days before, but even if no one showed up it still would’ve been so worth it to see my baby smile and laugh as much as he did. The staff at Gymboree were so helpful during the entire party. I didn’t really have to set anything up and they packed/cleaned everything before I even realized the party was over...it was great!

His “cupcake” theme was a big hit (from the plates and the cake...even his shirt!) and I couldn’t have pictured the day going any better. It helped that Dylan managed to get 2 naps prior. Even though we had to wake the b-day boy from a monster nap right before leaving, he was so chipper and excited...almost as if he knew what was about to happen! And although I was running around the entire time trying to mingle with friends and snap as many memories with my camera as humanly possible (over 300 pictures to be exact), I really had to make myself stand back and watch my beautiful baby “toddler” and just reflect on the past year...the best year of my life.

Keith and I are so blessed to have amazing friends and family that were able to help celebrate with us, but most importantly, an amazingly adorable son that has completely filled our lives with endless love and laughter...happy 1st birthday, Dylan Cole!