Snow Day and Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! What a crazy couple of days! Last Sunday Keith and I went to Target and bought the dresser and changing table for the nursery. He’s already put them together and are stored in the guest bedroom, until we begin putting the whole nursery together. We ordered the glider/ottoman and that will hopefully be here tomorrow. Grandma & Grandpa Simmons bought us the crib/mattress and that will be here in March!
On Thursday Keith flew out of town to his convention in San Antonio and that was the day Mother Nature (or Jack Frost) decided to bless us with a record-breaking 11.5 inches of snow! It was amazing, it literally snowed all day and night! Unfortunately Keith wasn’t home to play in the snow and build a snowman with me, but I still enjoyed it. And to make things better, we didn’t have school on Friday, so 3-day weekend! Luckily he was able to come home today so I don’t have to be alone for Valentine’s Day. For his present I got him a couple of trombone and UNT onesies for the baby...I wonder which one will be his take-home outfit???

Baby Marshall has been very active lately. I don’t think he likes it when I put my hands or arms on my stomach, so he makes it a point to push them away when it bothers him. He also seems to favor my right side...so many times I’ll look down at my stomach and see my right side bulging out as opposed to my left side, so I assume he’s just hanging out on that side. At times like that I wish I could see what he’s doing in there...


Getting ready!

We got our first baby present in the mail today...so exciting! My mommy bought us the stroller for the baby and Keith put it together tonight. Aside from my growing belly, it definitely makes everything seem more real! I’ll be flying home the last weekend of February for my baby shower in Brownsville, then we’ll be driving down to Houston in the middle of March for our shower there. We’re planning on starting on the nursery while we’re off for Spring Break. We have to move the furniture that’s in the guest bedroom (future nursery) into the office, which will be the new guest bedroom. Then we’re going to paint the walls and put together all the furniture so I can work my decorating and organizing magic. I’m so excited to see how its going to turn out! It seems like we still have ages to go before he gets here, but its really only about 16 more weeks!

I have really been feeling him move lately, seems like he’s training to be a gymnast in there! He loves to move in the mornings, when I’m sitting at my desk getting ready for the day. I’ve also started seeing him move from the outside...its the weirdest thing looking down at my stomach and seeing it twitch and move. Again, just making this all seem more real! I am so ready to be this baby’s mommy!