Another quick summer update!

With Keith going back to work next week and me following him a week and a half later, I thought it was time for possibly one more update on our summer. It's amazing how even though we stayed home and had nothing planned all summer we've still managed to keep so busy. 2 kids will do that to you!

Keith and his babies :-)

Keira started eating some cereal! And Dylan is very proud of her...

Excited to see Despicable Me 2!

Ready to start driving...

At Tristan's Super Hero birthday party!

To infinity...

Visiting the Perot Museum with Grandma and PaPa!

Doing the weather report with Daddy...

Happy Birthday, Claire!!!

Keira also started sitting up by herself this month!!!

Dylan and Gloworm enjoy some time playing at the mall...

And we had our family pictures taken a little early this year so that way I could book Liz LaBianca, and I LOVED them! Here are a few of my faves...


Keira Addyson - 4 Months

Keira turned 4 months yesterday! Today she went in to go see Dr. Coco and she is currently at 15lb 7oz for weight (75%) and 24 1/4 inches for height (50%). Dr. Coco said that at 4 months is the thinnest her hair is going to get, and she still has a ton of hair on that pretty little head! She is now able to roll from her tummy to her back, and from her back to her tummy consistently. This month we introduced her to her excersaucer and bouncer and she loves playing in both, and loves it even more when Dylan plays with her. She still loves watching Dylan play and gets so excited when he gives her any attention...so far Dylan's loving it, we'll see how it goes in 10 years. She is also getting better about sitting with the Boppy around her to support her. Dr. Coco was very impressed with her sitting and said it's more of a 6-month skill. I hope she's sitting up by the time she goes back to school. Unfortunately she's really started teething this month and it hasn't been easy on any of us. She hasn't drooled too much but she's been extremely fussy, and she's usually not a fussy baby (unless it's bedtime). We've also had a little bit of sleep regression lately (waking up in the middle of the night or being up at 4am or 5am when she used to sleep in until 6am), but most of the time she's still sleeping great...her napping could use some work though. We weren't sure if it was because of the teething or because she was hungry and it was time for her to start on some solids. Dr. Coco recommended we wait until she's closer to 6 month before trying any solids. Keira also had her 1st trip to Dallas this month on the train and she did so well. She's slowly starting to notice her toys, but usually just wants to watch Dylan play with his :-)


New Favorite Park in Carrollton!

Dylan and I were so excited to finally get a playdate with Cara and James while they were in town. And we were even more excited to meet at a new park in Carrollton...a hidden gem we didn't know about until now! They have softball and soccer fields, basketball courts, sand volleyball, playgrounds, and a splash park. It's owned and operated by First Baptist Carrollton but open to the public for free...we'll definitely be back!

He was hesitant to get in the water, at first, but once he saw his friends in there playing, he couldn't resist :-)


Quick Summer Update

Is it really already July??? This summer has gone by so fast, and with us trying to keep Dylan busy and having something planned for him almost everyday, it's made it feel like it's going even faster. Here is a quick update on what we've been up to...

Keira looking pretty and trying out her excersaucer for the first time...she loves when Dylan plays with her

 Dylan at a playdate with some of his friends from school...I'm so happy we've been able to get together this summer!

Helping me take some pictures of the beautiful trees outside...

Showing Keira the awesome ways of the iPad...will we have another Apple addict on out hands?!?!

And Dylan riding his bike through the kitchen...at least he's being safe!

Dylan has also been kept busy with visiting the pool, the mall, and my new favorite, going to the movies. I can't wait to take him to see Despicable Me 2! Keith has kept busy by watching all the seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" on Netflix. I'm about half way through my Summer To-Do list (which has included a lot of organizing and cleaning) and have a few Pinterest projects left to finish. Hopefully I'll find some time to make a few pillow cases for Keira's room with my new sewing machine. To Be Continued...