So many updates, so little time!!!

Wow, time has really flown by since my last update! So many wonderful things have been happening lately, its hard for me to keep up! First of all, we finally decided on my name for our little boy! I let Keith pick the name (with my approval, of course), and we decided on Dylan Cole Marshall. We both really liked Dylan and Cole, so we just decided to use them both!

In the past couple of week we’ve also had 2 baby showers...one in Brownsville with my family and one in Houston with Keith’s family. We received so many wonderful presents at both showers and are very grateful for everyone’s generosity. Dylan really is going to be surrounded by such loving family and friends...he’s a very lucky little guy! And with all the new presents and gift cards we received we were finally able to start working on the nursery! Keith was amazing and painted the room all by himself (he wouldn’t even let me be in the room for more than 10 seconds)! We also got all the furniture in and bedding/decorations up, and I think it turned out great! Our only problem now is keeping the cat from thinking all of this is for him...he’s already been caught on more than one occasion sleeping either in the bassinet or in the crib.

Another thing we did over Spring Break was go in for a 3D/4D sonogram...we wanted to have one more sneak peek of Dylan before he gets here! He looked amazing and we got some great pictures of him!!! He was a little shy at first, but that didn’t last too long. We were able to see him open his eyes, smile (with adorable dimples), stick his tongue out, cross his arms, and play with his feet. We also counted 10 fingers and 10 toes, and we were even able to see some hair on his head. The technician said the reason our pictures came out so good was because mommy was very hydrated...at least I’m doing something right! It was really great to get to see Dylan again, and with all the wonderful baby showers and the nursery being done we’re definitely getting excited (and possibly a little scared)...either way, we can’t wait!!! About 8 more weeks to go...