Bluebonnets 2012

Yea for springtime!!! Even though it never really felt like winter was even here. I drive to Irving at least twice a week for work and one of the best parts of my commute right now (besides the alone time I have, just me and the radio) is seeing the bluebonnets popping up along the highway...they're everywhere! Luckily we have our own gorgeous batch in Plano that we visited yesterday evening. Dylan is definitely in the "I refuse to have my picture taken!" phase, but we managed to get a few great shots.

One way we actually got him to cooperate was by giving him Daddy's phone to play with... (as seen in the next few pictures)


"Old Man" Dylan, watching his beloved duckies...

This was him last year in the bluebonnets...my how time flies :-(

I also tried getting some Easter "bunny" pictures for his Easter cards, but, again, he refused to work with me. Such a stinker!

I barely managed to sneak the ears on...

Again, this was him last year *tear* *sniff*...


Spring Break 2012

This year for Spring Break we decided to road-trip it to Houston to visit Keith's family and then over to San Antonio to meet my parents. I was hopeful that Dylan would do better in the car this time around since he was older and would "hopefully" tolerate sitting longer (plus I packed a box with his favorite books, toys, his Leap-top, and my iPad loaded with Sesame Street episodes).

Enjoying some Elmo and goldfish!

Once we got to Houston and Dylan enjoyed a quick nap, we decided to venture out and check out Grandma S. and Papa's duckies.

"Got any grapes?" *waddle, waddle, waddle*

These ducks REALLY wanted some bread!

The next day we headed to the Houston Children's Museum. It wasn't too busy and they had a whole floor for toddlers, plus water to play with outside...Dylan had so much fun that he was wet from head to toe when we left.  Grandma S. had to buy him a shirt and shorts to wear back :-)

He loved the ball pit! He yelled at every kid that got near it...

"Gotta get some gas before the prices go up again!"

This was when he was still dry...

...and this was him by the end.

That night we met Keith's grandparents for dinner...they hadn't seen Dylan since last summer, so I was happy they had a chance to visit with him again.

"High-five Grandpa Mitchell!"

"Aunt Zeezee, give me kisses!"

"No! On the lips!!!"

"Yes, much better" :)

The next day we left early to drive to San Antonio to meet my parents. We took Dylan to the zoo then had dinner with them on the Riverwalk. Dylan also had his first visit to the Alamo and his first stay in a hotel room.

Fishing with Grandpa!

Playing in a tent at the Alamo...

"Thanks for driving up to see me, Grandma & Grandpa B!!!"


We Built a Fort!!!

While Daddy was working today (on a Saturday...thats insane!) Dylan and I had a crazy idea to make a fort! It ended up looking more like a makeshift tent from Occupy Dallas, but he had fun anyway.

We had amazing weather last weekend, so of course we had to visit one of our favorite places, the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

Dylan's so lucky to have such a great daddy :-)