5 Months!

We’re almost getting to the 6-month mark, and are getting VERY excited! Dylan had a bit of a rough month unfortunately. He started teething, which was not fun for us. But the Hyland Teething Tablets have really worked some wonders thankfully. No teeth have come out yet, but Ms. Nancy (his daycare teacher) is convinced that they’ll pop out soon. Dylan also had his first cold, and we really didn’t like that. I hated seeing my little guy so helpless and nothing I could do about it. But he is feeling better and it will hopefully stay that way before the next one hits!

On the plus side, Dylan is finally starting to notice and play with his toys! He is pushing the buttons on his exersaucer and pianos and is starting to reach for objects above him and pull on them. Dylan is also doing much better with rolling over and is beginning to sit-up on his own more and more everyday. I wonder when he’ll start crawling (hopefully not for a couple of more months!). He is also sitting in his highchair while we eat, waiting for the big day when he has his first taste of solids!

Dylan had a lot of visitors this month too! Grandma & Grandpa Simmons and Aunt Stacey came to visit one weekend and then Grandma & Grandpa Barrientes came to visit the next weekend. Plus he finally got to meet Aunt Jackie for the first time! It was great having so many people coming to visit him, he was definitely brought into 2 amazing families. Dylan also made his 1st visit to the pumpkin patch! Although there wasn’t much for him to do (but definitely when he’s older!), we took a lot of great pictures and memories.

The holiday season is coming up and we can’t wait for Dylan to experience the madness! But most importantly, we can’t wait to start our own traditions with our new family...