Months 1-3

I found this really cute idea on another blog and was so excited to try it myself. With Dylan I did monthly belly pics, but since you start to show sooner with your second baby (and I already look like I'm 20 wks preggers), I wanted to try something different.

"For this child I have prayed..."

Other pictures from our "mini-shoot"!


Dallas Children's Aquarium

Well the last thing on my "Summer Fun To-Do List" was to take Dylan to the Dallas Children's Aquarium. Although it was a bit small (nothing compared to the Dallas World Aquarium), it was the perfect size for a toddler with a short attention span.

He loved watching the sharks...

...and visiting the turtle!

This weekend we went to a birthday party for one of Dylan's friends from school and he was SO excited to see his friends again! I could stay home for another month or so, but I think Dylan is ready to go back tomorrow! You have to wait 2 more weeks, buddy, sorry :-(