So sick of summer!!!

Seriously, I'm so done with this record-breaking heat! I really wanted to take Dylan to the Dallas Arboretum this weekend to get some pictures taken, but it is way too hot to take him anywhere that doesn't have A/C. And it doesn't look like fall will be gracing us with its present anytime soon unfortunately. It's really hard to not get excited for the fall when all the stores have their Halloween stuff out already and cute sweaters on sale. October has to be my favorite month of all (Not December (Christmas) or June (my birthday)!?!? Shocking, I know!). We get to go to the Pumpkin Patch, the weather starts getting cooler, Halloween, and we're in the midst of college football season (thanks Keith)! I'm not sure what Dylan's halloween costume will be this year...still keeping my options open. But I've found an adorable pumpkin shirt on Etsy I want to buy him...it should be on the side column of this blog, at the bottom where it says Etsy Favorites, in case you'd like to take a look! Maybe the excitement from the upcoming season will help me get passed the current miserable one we're stuck in now.

Dylan has been doing great at school! Apparently he's' drinking from an open cup with a straw (no more sippy cup), napping without his paci, and drinking milk...all things he doesn't do at home! But he's adjusting very well and doesn't cry at drop-off anymore, unless mommy drops him off. He can also use a fork with no problems and he'll be working on learning to use a spoon next week...exciting stuff! And Dylan's pretend play and imagination is really kicking in. He will grab towels and start cleaning the furniture, pick up one of his plastic golf clubs and start vacuuming the floors, and he'll even brush his own hair. Unfortunately he'll also use golf clubs, amongst other things, to hit the cat...neither one of them seems to understand how their friendship is supposed to work and now the cat runs away while Dylan chases him. Dylan also had his 15-month appointment and Dr. Coco said he's growing nicely...he is still in the 75-90% for weight (28 lbs) and height (32 in). We went shopping this morning for some fall clothes, since I have so many coupons to use, and it was really hard for me to buy size 2T, but I know he'll grow into it very soon.

If you haven't noticed, I did a bit of updating on this blog lately. I realized I didn't want to loose the entries I had made on the previously blog because it really did serve as a sort of journal for me while I was pregnant and during Dylan's first year with us. So I decide to move them over to his one. That's why I now have entries for 201o when I didn't really start this until this past June. I know this is all information no one needs to know or cares to know about, but it took me almost all night to do it and I felt I needed to share! :)

Unfortunately I don't have a picture to post for this blog. Aside from his first day of school, I haven't taken any pictures in almost a month...my DSLR hasn't been used in a month!!! That's unheard of!!! We also haven't taken very much video of Dylan either, and he's doing so many cute things right now too. So I'll leave you with a picture of Dylan at the Pumpkin Patch last year...I can't wait!!! :)


1st Day of School!!! (or Toddler class...)

I was a nervous wreck last night and this morning thinking about Dylan's drop-off at daycare. WAS he going to cry...HOW MUCH would I cry?!?!? My hope was that he would be too distracted by all of the fun he was having to even notice us leave.

Due to the new time changes for our district I had to be at work at 7:30 this morning, which meant we had to be out the door by 7am, if not earlier. Luckily Keith doesn't have to be at work until 8am, so I think he'll be taking Dylan to school for the rest of the week. As soon as we woke him up and got him dressed we were out the door!

"Mommy, where are we going? And why are you taking pictures of me in the car?" I was stopped at a red light, I swear! Ask Keith, he was in the car behind, rolling his eyes at the camera flashes.

Definitely one of my new favorite pictures! Dylan & daddy walking into school :)

He hesitated a little to go in his room, but once we were able to nudge him in Keith sat him in the table for breakfast. Once I signed him in and wrote his name on everything I forgot to write his name on, we said our good-bye's and left. Dylan was doing fine until I went to go give him a kiss, that was when he wanted me to pick him up and started crying as he watched us leave. But I knew he'd be okay once he started eating again...he loves his yogurt and muffins! And surprisingly, I didn't cry! I missed him so much all day, but he was starting to get so bored at home playing with mommy & daddy that I know he was ready to socialize with others again.

Eating breakfast with his buddy, Jackson! Even Batman gets hungry too...

All morning long I would hear a baby crying and screaming whenever I walked by the daycare hallway and tried so hard to convince myself that it wasn't my baby that was having such a rough day...come to find out it WAS my baby! Dylan didn't have a great 1st day at daycare...he cried all morning and didn't eat or drink a thing. And when they finally got him to drink a little bit of juice, he threw up all over himself. He also only napped for 15 minutes, but that may have been because they forgot his pacifier in his backpack and Dylan must sleep with his paci. His teachers were convinced that he was sick and that something was wrong with his throat, but he immediately drank his entire sippy cup when I gave it to him. I felt awful after I picked him up and cried nearly all the way home. I so wished he would've had a better day, I hate the thought of him sitting there thinking mommy & daddy left him. I deal with these kids every year the first week of school and always tell the parents "they'll be fine" and "they just need to get used to it", but it's so different when it's your own. Needless to say we had a very hungry and tired (not to mention fussy) baby all evening. Keith is taking Dylan to school for the rest of the week so hopefully it'll go better without mommy there. I pray that my little guy has a better day tomorrow...one more bad report and I may have to quit my job! :(


Hip Hip Hooray, Its a Gymboree Day!

Today was Dylan's last Gymboree class for the summer. I know a lot of people might think that Gymboree is a waste of money and doesn't really help kids at all, but it certainly helped mine. At the beginning of the summer Dylan was barely crawling and didn't appear to have much, if any, tone in his legs. This really worried us because he was already 1-year old and we feared he was falling behind in his gross motor skills. Every week that we went to Gymboree they challenged him to climb on inclines and push the air log and crawl on uneven surfaces. I believe this really helped Dylan tone up and ultimately reach the goal we wanted all along...for him to be able to walk with his friends. As I sat back and watched him walk around the gym so independently, I couldn't help but tear up and be so damn proud of him and thankful to all the amazing staff at Gymboree. Not to mention the fact that I had so much fun playing with him and it was a great place to bring him when he was itching to get out and it was way too hot to go anywhere else. I'm not trying to advertise for this place, just sharing our wonderful experience and recommending you do the same if you can.

Anyway, today was his last class and we had a great time! We actually met another mom/toddler who were sad because it was their last day too. She works for DISD and they live just across the street from us at Castle Hills. These pictures were taken with my iPhone, so I apologize if they're not great.
"Look daddy, I can play basketball too...kind of!"

"Go Dylan!"

"Almost there!"

"Yea!!" All by himself...he never would have been able to do this at the beginning of the summer!

"Mommy, stop with the pictures!"

Crawling up the blocks, like a beast!

He so loved those bubbles...

...and Parachute Time!

Kisses from Gymbo!

And now after a yummy snack of watermelon and yogurt it is finally nap-time. I go back to work on Thursday so I'm enjoying my last 2 days with Dylan...I'm so grateful for such a great summer with him :)