Christmas 2013

Well, Christmas has come and gone...always so sad when all the fun is over. But we had a great time celebrating Keira's 1st Christmas with everyone :-) First my parents came up the weekend before Christmas...

A new bike for Dylan!

Thanks for the wagon Aunt Jackie!

Pictures before church...

...thank you for the dress, Grandma B!

Cooking with Keira's new kitchen set from Santa and opening more presents...

"Mommy, so NOT cool!"

He spent the rest of the day making us hot chocolate in the Keurig in the kitchen set and watching movies on his new iPad mini.

Keira's new teddy from Uncle Chris and Aunt Kimberly...

And Santa brought me some new Ugg boots!

Finally getting to play with her toys...

Opening presents with Keith's family...

...and showing off his mad bike-riding skills!

We were blessed with another amazing Christmas season, especially with the newest addition to our little family. And it only gets better from here...bring it on, 2014!


13 Favorite Pictures of 2013!

Here we go!!!

13. Clickin Walk at SMU (September 2013)

12. Dylan and Jackson at the Pumpkin Patch (October 2013)

11. Dylan's Valentines pictures (February 2013)

10. Maternity Self-portrait (January 2013)

9. Dylan reading a bedtime story to Keira (September 2013)

8. Dylan and Keira...perfect photo op! (June 2013)

7. Dylan and Keira's Christmas pictures (December 2013)

6. Hyde Family Christmas Pictures...love this one! (November 2013)

5. Dylan playing with his trains (September 2013)

4. Dylan in Downtown McKinney (January 2013)

3. Keira's 6-month pictures (September 2013)

2. Dylan's birthday pictures (April 2013)

1. Keira's newborn pictures (March 2013)


Keira & Dylan's Christmas Shows

The past 2 days we had Dylan and Keira's Christmas shows at school. I was worried if Dylan would get to perform since he had issues when they first started practicing before Thanksgiving (possibly a sensory overload from the bells) but Ms. Autumn and Ms. Maria were determined and they performed a miracle! They both did fantastic :-)

Kisses from Ms. Nancy before the show!

Next to her best buddy Hudson :-)

We LOVE her! And we'll miss her so much :-(

Brody refused to participate...it was hilarious!

I love that most of these kids have been together for the past 2-3 years...love these babies!

Another great start to our holiday break!

In other news, Keith was finally able to rake all of the leaves that fell off of our trees during the ice storm:

In the face!!!

So excited that Christmas is just days away!