11 months!

Can’t believe it...only 1 more month to go! This has been a good month for Dylan. He cut 4 teeth on his top gums and they are on their way out. We are also feeding Dylan most of what we eat (in small pieces of course) and sadly, the only food he hasn’t been open to yet is pasta. I think it’s slowly killing the Italian side of Keith :( He is also starting to push away from the bottle because he wants to eat solids. That will make it SO much easier for us once he turns a year.

Unfortunately Dylan got sick again this month. He had croup and missed a week of school. I’ve never seen him so sick and it made me miserable. But with the help of a steroid shot and some antibiotics I got my happy baby back!

Dylan is still not crawling but is definitely on the move. He will get on his hands and knees, rock a bit, and begin to move. But then he’ll change his mind and butt-scoot instead. He’s also pulling up more and getting on his knees. And he also learned how sit up from being on his back. Dylan is also starting to perfect his pincer grasp when eating solids...especially when enjoying his waffle and string cheese, his new faves. All big steps for the little guy!