9 months!

It really is amazing how fast time flies! Dylan is 3 months away from the Big 1! He is still sleeping about 11 hours at night (7pm-6am) and only wakes up on nights when he’s teething. Speaking of teeth, we still don’t have any. But that didn’t stop him from trying out some finger foods! He loves the Gerber puffs and yogurt melts and is feeding them to himself too, when he wants to. But he’s just as content when mommy and daddy put them in his mouth for him. He is still trying new foods like sweet peas, carrots, cherries, and blueberries. We see Dr. Coco on Tuesday and can’t wait for him to recommend some protein in his diet (he told us we could put that on hold because he’s so “healthy”). Dylan also started eating some yogurt during snack time with his friends at school and is even using a sippy cup now! He still needs some help lifting up the cup though.

Due to the crazy weather that brought 6 inches of snow to North Texas, we’ve had a lot of snow days with Dylan this month...and loved every one! But unfortunately the winter as also brought along cold season and Dylan did end up getting RSV this month. But a few antibiotics later and he was back to normal! We’re so happy it didn’t get any worst than it did!

Dylan isn’t crawling yet, but he is scooting around the room on his bottom and his stomach. He is pushing himself backwards and is beginning to rock on all fours, which his teacher says are all good signs that we’re getting there. He is also standing better when holding on to something and pulling himself up. And even though he is lagging on his gross motor development, he is excelling in language development. He will babble all day long saying “mamamabababama” and I swear he imitated “ball” a few days ago. And I’m the speech path, so what I say goes! And yesterday we rode our 1st DART train to downtown Dallas for some lunch and sightseeing. I can’t wait to see what he’ll start doing this month!


Snow Days with Dylan

We are on our 4th Snow Day! We have been home since Tuesday due to an ice storm that hit and then 6 inches of snow that came down last night. Keith and I have had so much fun being able to stay home with Dylan and even more fun getting to play in the snow with him again. We’ve had so much play time and are getting a lot of good crawling practice in...hopefully soon! We hope to get out of the house tomorrow!