Bath time...

I love the kid's bath time routine and how Keith and I both do it with the kids every night and how Dylan and Keira entertain each other. And I know it's one of those things that we won't always do together, so I grabbed my camera before taking the kids upstairs tonight...

Dylan at 8 months, and 3 years...


Quick Update (Sept 2013)

Again, life has been insanely crazy lately so I haven't had any time to update everyone on what we've been up to, so here's a quick one!

Playtime for Keira (and mommy...still trying to figure out my new camera)


Yummy blueberries!

The weather was AMAZING this past weekend so the kiddos and I walked to the park and Keira enjoyed the swing for the first time!

PawPaw visited this weekend, so that warranted a visit to the "big park"!

Swinging with PawPaw :-)

Sad times on the playground :-/

Last night we went to Polk's football game since the band was performing and since Dylan's BFF Jackson would be there cheering on his daddy too (the head football coach). Of course I had to make the kids some band shirts...

Dylan took this great pic of Jackson and his mommy :-)

And here's Jackson and Dylan dancing to the band ...love these two!


Every single wrinkle was worth it...

This is something that I find very difficult to write about, but for some reason, today I feel like I have the courage to do it. I'm talking about that dreaded post-baby belly!!! None of us want to look at it and we all avoid vertical mirrors at department stores. We all pin different recipes that promise quick results and try different fad diets because "my friend tried it and lost 10 lbs in 1 week!". I am so guilty of all of these. And it makes me so sad to think that we kill ourselves for our pre-pregnancy bodies when the truth is, we'll never get it back...and it's okay. Sure, Britney Spears and Beyonce did it, but I sure don't have a full-time trainer and personal chef to help me. I have a full-time job and 2 kids...it ain't happening! I do, however, have an amazing husband that tries cooking me healthy meals (when he's home) and encourages me to live a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, he still tells me I'm pretty. I am so proud to say that in the past 2 months, by eating so much better, drinking a lot more water, and running twice a week before I pick up the kids (when I can), I have lost 12 pounds and my clothes are finally fitting again...maybe even a little baggy. I am so excited to be loosing my baby weight finally and my goal is to loose 18-20 more pounds by March 8 (Keira's 1st birthday). But I would never want to loose my "baby belly". The wrinkles are most definitely an eyesore (for me), but they are there for a damn good reason. They are there because I carried 2 beautiful, healthy babies and brought them into the world. It took us 5 tries for those 2 babies, and as much as I hated loosing the other 3, they will ALWAYS make me so grateful for Dylan and Keira. And thank you, mommy, for your wrinkles :-)

I found this on Pinterest this morning and it is SO true...every single wrinkle was worth it...
(I couldn't find the original source of this photo, so I'm not sure who I should give credit to)


Keira Addyson - 6 months

Happy half-birthday, little one! I can't believe it's been 6 months since we welcomed you into our crazy family. This month Keira started trying some vegetables (peas and carrots). She doesn't like them by themselves but loves them when mixed with oatmeal. Keira also went back to school this month (since mommy and daddy had to go back to work, boo) and she loves playing with all the other babies in her class (and getting her hair did by Ms. Nancy). She is still teething and drooling, but no teeth yet. But luckily it seems we've passed our sleep regression phase and Keira is sleeping through the night again, wahoo! Ms. Nancy is working hard with her crawling at school and she's able to stay on all fours for a few seconds. On her tummy she can go around in circles, just not in any forward or backward motions yet. Keira also upgraded to a new carseat and she seems to like it so far. Her measurements at her recent appointment were 17lbs 14oz for weight and 26 in for height. Stop growing, little one!


End of Summer/Back to School Wrap-Up!

Phew, so much to catch up on! Let's not waste any time...

Dylan inherited the musical gene...

Dylan and I wanted to go feed some duckies since we haven't come by to visit all summer...but they were no where to be found! He even brought a friend to play with them :-(

I see you!

First day of school!

"Keira, we're at school!"

"Look Ms. Chelsea, Keira is at school too!"...*mommy and daddy try sneaking away, Dylan cries*

Playing with Jackson at the pool!

Working on his car, with a stranded Gloworm in tow...Keira playing with her toys on the new blanket I made her. Go me!

And everyone updated their carseats...Dylan loves his! And Keira loves going to school because Ms. Nancy does her hair everyday...so pampered (and a little spoiled)!

At night Keira plays us a couple of her faves on the piano...tip jar coming soon...

And getting a pic of my precious has been pretty hard lately since she ALWAYS wants to grab my phone!

Today we had so much fun at Bridget's birthday party!

Dylan even rode a go-kart all by himself for the first time and did awesome...

The kids have adjusted very well to going back to school. Dylan had a few rough morning at first, but once it's in his routine, he's good to go. Keira is so active and playful at school...so happy everyday. I'm just glad being at work means I'm not out or online shopping! :-) Looking forward to the fall season...