10 months!

Only 2 more months to go! I finally realized that today and started planning some things for Dylan’s 1st birthday party. I hope I don’t go overboard!

Well, Dylan finally got some teeth!!! His 2 bottom teeth popped out around 9 1/2 months. Its so nice to see that toothy grin now. Dylan also started saying “dada” and making Keith’s day.

Dylan started eating chicken this month (that mommy bakes and purees first thing in the morning so I don’t forget) and loves it with some vegetables for dinner. He is also feeding himself his finger foods better (meaning his aim is better getting his puffs in his mouth) and he is lifting his sippy cup more without our help. He has also started eating cookies for a snack, but we have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t shove the whole thing in his mouth all at once...he loves him some cookies!

Dylan is still not crawling, but he is still pushing himself backwards. He is also butt-scooting everywhere now and we really have to keep an eye on where he is going. He leaves a “trail of destruction” (as Keith likes to call it) wherever he goes. He also loves clapping for himself and imitating us whenever we do it!