Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas!

This was supposed to be our relaxing week off, unfortunately it wasn't as relaxing as I would have liked. After Dylan suffered through high fevers all last weekend without eating or sleeping much, we took him in to see the doctor on Monday. Turns out he had 2 ear infections and his throat looked pretty irritated. Once he started his antibiotics his fevers went away and he started sleeping through the night again. On Wednesday we meet the Adamo's at the Perry House to take some holiday family pics, and I think they turned out great!

Later that day Keith's parents and Stacey arrive from Houston to spend Thanksgiving with us. Plus they brought Rory, the new puppy in the family. With 2 bottles of Sangria chilling in the fridge, I was looking forward to a fun holiday with family.
Dylan watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Poor baby was so entertained with all the marching bands...he doesn't stand a chance!

Rory sitting like a good girl! Dylan loved playing with Rory...it was definitely fun to watch.

Grandpa S enjoying some adult beverages while Thanksgiving lunch/dinner cooked.

Dylan's turkey from school :)

And of course playing with mommy's iPhone while waiting for the food to be ready...it's amazing how well he can work our iPhones and iPads on his own...he is SO my child!

And finally enjoying his first real Thanksgiving meal (not pureed)...yum!

But of course, with my luck, I decided to get a fever of 102 right before the food was ready. I wasn't able to eat much and laid on the couch for the remainder of the day as my fever slowly rose, even with DayQuil and Advil. By that night it was up to 104 and I was not feeling okay. The next morning I went to see my doctor who said it sounded like I had the flu and it looked like I had strep, however both tests came back negative. He still prescribed me an antibiotic and cough syrup as well as a steroid shot, and after spending most of the day in bed, I finally started feeling better by the evening. Unfortunately that meant no Black Friday shopping for me :( Thank goodness my wonderful in-laws were in town to help Keith. They helped him cook Thanksgiving, clean up the mess afterwards, and take care of Dylan...I'm so grateful! That night we were at least able to put the lights on the tree.

Yesterday we finished decorating the house for Christmas...it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Dylan was such a good helper, however he still doesn't realize that the ornaments need to stay on the tree...especially the ones that have his pictures and the cat's pictures on them.
Helping daddy with some ornaments...

Dylan didn't want to put up "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" ornament...he thought it was actually the book and wanted to read it.

Unpacking some boxes...

Trying to stand both snowmen up...

Yea Dylan!

Today Joey and Dylan helped Keith put the lights up outside. We still need to buy some more outdoor decorations (apparently what we've been using the past few years isn't going to cut it anymore), but other than that, we're ready for Santa!!!
Helping Daddy with the lights...

Not enjoying it...

Then running away..."you can't make me work, I'm only one!!!"


Dylan's cast comes off!!!

Well the big day finally came...Dylan's cast was removed, yea!!! In the past 2 weeks he's learned how to get around really well with it on. It didn't even phase him anymore, with the exception of not being able to play on the playground at school. And since his teacher's at school were so great with him (and me) I decided to make them a "thank you" card.

I've seen so many people using chalkboards in their pictures and wanted to try it too. However no one sells cute chalkboards, so I made my own. I just bought a cute picture frame and painted the glass with chalkboard spray paint. I made it specifically for this picture/idea, but its definitely a must for future pictures now!

Keith sneaking in on Dylan's pictures :)

While at the park there was a man there playing with his remote-controlled car...he ran to go check it out!

The last few days in his cast!

On Tuesday Keith took the morning off to take Dylan back to Children's so we could hopefully get the cast removed. Luckily the x-rays showed good bone growth and we were given the "OK" we were hoping for. We were so excited!!! Aside from a scab on his heel due to the cast shifting, his leg was okay, just a little stinky. He sometimes walks like he still has the cast on and is still turning his left foot out, but they said he should fix that in about 2 weeks. When I picked him up that afternoon I was so happy to see him outside on the playground with his friends again. I didn't realize how much that stupid cast affected me until it was finally gone...it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt more relaxed Tuesday afternoon than I've felt since the trip to the ER last month. It's so great to have my Dylan back :)

Wednesday was Keith's birthday so for dinner we went to Uncle Julio's. Dylan has started to love Mexican food lately, and apparently the music too!
The cutest video I have of him so far!

Today Dylan is 18 months...where does the time fly! Daddy took him to the park this morning and we were going to take Dylan to the UNT football game tonight (his 1st this football season) but unfortunately he's had a fever of 104 all day, so we stayed home and let Keith go. I hope he starts feeling better soon, we have a whole week off to play! So excited for Thanksgiving!!!
Measuring Dylan's height!

He's grown so much in 4 months :)

My little bookworm...


Halloween 2011

This has definitely not been Dylan's month. We've had to visit Dr. Coco for ear infections, his fractured leg, and this past weekend for pink eye. I assured him we'd try not to see him again before Dylan's 18-month well visit...he said, "Okay, see you next week." I tried to avoid this, but I think it's time to put Dylan in the bubble I've been saving since the day he was born. Because of the pink eye (and fever he had when he woke up from his nap) we had to miss a birthday party and the fall festivals I was thinking about taking Dylan to. He's feeling better, but has been tired a lot. He also figured out how to stand up and walk on his cast and he seems very happy with his reunion with mobility and independence.

Cleaning the kitchen...he's so helpful!

On Sunday we drove up to Denton to take Joey to lunch for his birthday. Then we finally took Dylan back to the park since he fractured his leg. Now that he was able to walk again we figured he would be okay, and he had a great time...he cried when we left. I also took his Harry Potter costume hoping I could snap some pictures of him.

I am...Dylan Potter!

Without the robe he just looked like a car salesman...but still cute enough to have 2 little girls after him ;)

Brave enough to take on the slides again, even it was the baby slide.

We were so excited to take Dylan trick-or-treating for the first time this year. Last year Keith & I were both sick and barely had the energy to even dress him up. Dylan was pretty tired (since he's been sick) but we still dragged the poor thing out. He wasn't quite sure what to do and what was going on but he enjoyed seeing the other kids with their costumes.

Dylan starting to get tired...

And then Dylan's done...

Only 2 more weeks until Dylan's cast hopefully comes off...I'm very excited!!!