4 months!

I know every month I say how I can’t believe how fast time is flying, but it really is! Dylan is starting to do so much now, becoming his own person...I guess I thought he would’ve stayed in the newborn phase a little longer.

Dylan is beginning to learn so much! He’s started sleeping longer at night (~8pm-6am), however the past 2 nights he seems to have regressed on his blissful nighttime sleeping habits. I’ve read that that can happen around 4 months, so hopefully it’ll pass soon. He’s also starting looking at Keith and I for reassurance whenever he’s with a stranger...I guess he trusts us after all! Dylan is also doing much better with grabbing items and holding them in his hand. He’s had trouble with pulling his pacifier out of his mouth, but now he’s able to put it back in his mouth! He seems pretty happy to have figured that one out. I think Dylan gave up on sucking his thumb and now just shoves his whole hand in his mouth...its the cutest thing to watch :) In the past few days he’s finally started reaching for items in front of him, but mainly when he’s in his Exersaucer.

Dylan has also rolled over for the 1st time. He’s done it in front of me 3 times already, but we haven’t been able to videotape him doing it yet...he seems to be a bit camera shy. He is also talking up a storm, and I love it! All I hear coming from the back seat every morning and afternoon is him babbling and cooing! He’ll sometimes get a little impatient if we’re at a long red light, but other than that, he’s a great car rider. And I have never seem so much drool come out of one baby before! Everyone tells me he’s teething, but I think he’s just a drooler (gets it from his daddy).

Dylan also had his 4-month appointment a few days ago. He is now weighing in at 17lbs, 10 oz and is 25 1/2 inches long! Dr. Coco doesn’t see a need to start any cereal or solids until 6 months. He had a great appointment and is right on track...what more could I ask for! I see him growing everyday and I just can’t believe my eyes sometimes...