3 months!

Dylan has been doing great this month with so many milestones accomplished!!! Dylan has started sleeping through the night (approx. 9pm-6am), which makes mommy and daddy extremely happy! He has also started smiling a lot and laughing, which is the most amazing sound I’ve ever heard.

Keith and I have both returned to work this month, so that means that Dylan started daycare. But luckily its located on the new campus I’m working at, so its extremely convenient for me and definitely gives me some peace of mind knowing he’s that close. His teachers are very nice and I know he’s okay with them during the day. Dylan is adjusting very well to daycare and he spends a good amount of the day napping in the swing (his favorite place to nap). And every now and then I get to see him in the hallway going for a stroll in the buggy with his friends...it absolutely makes my day! Ms. Nancy (his nursery teacher) has even said that Dylan is getting very close to rolling over for the first time! It has definitely been an adjustment for me, not getting to spend all day, everyday with him, but it certainly makes me appreciate the time we do get to spend together so much more, and I get so excited when I go pick him up everyday.

My baby boy is growing fast...not sure I’m ready for that.