Summertime, so far...

Now that Keith is home for the summer and all of the Baptism festivities are done, I can finally sit down and share some pictures from our first week of summer vacation!

Dylan spent most of last week playing with his Thomas trains...

...and making Keira watch him play!

Trying to catch the planet but she's distracted by the TV

Got it!

Cruising around with James...yea for playdates!

Playing with his water table from G&G B!

Helping mommy cook dinner

Dylan finally got a haircut!!!

And his 1st Rangers game with daddy :-)

Exploring a sunflower field...Allen has a few huge ones!


Keira's Baptism

This past weekend Keira was Baptized and we are so happy that everyone (with the exception of GLEE) was able to come up to witness and help celebrate this wonderful occasion with us.

Keira meets Grandma Mitchell for the first time!

Keira and Aunt Jackie

And with Kimberly

Keira's Godparents, Jackie and Chris

Sleeping at her lunch...

Love him!!!

It was such a great weekend visiting with family :-)


Keira Addyson - 3 Months

Keira is 3 months today! Last night was her first full night in her crib and she slept in until 5:30am! My big girl :-) She is smiling and laughing so much more and is cooing constantly...she is definitely going to be talking over her big brother. She has been sleeping through the night consistently all month but only naps about 3-5 hours during the day. Keira also rolled over for the first time this month. She is lifting her head pretty well. She loves to stare at Dylan and is always wondering what he's doing. And when I'm holding her and using my iPhone at the same time, she likes to stare at the screen...yikes! She's starting to grasp items pretty well but still isn't in to looking at or "playing" with any toys. Keira has been drooling so much in the past week and mouthing a lot of things, so I'm wondering if she's starting teething already. We've been able to start sitting her in her Bumbo a little this month and she's tolerating tummy time more and more. I'm so happy we get to spend the summer with her and play with her all day! On to Month 4....

"Hmm, mommy are you sure it's 3?!?!"


Last Day of School (daycare) 2013

This year we were so blessed to have 2 amazing teachers taking care of our babies: Dylan had Ms. Chelsea and he LOVED her. She was so kind and helpful to us and Dylan and he learned so much from her. She has such a big heart and Dylan was so luckily to have been in her class. For the short time that Keira was at CDA she was in Ms. Nancy's class. Dylan had Ms. Nancy his first year there and we LOVE her. She cares about our babies so much and it truly shows. Even though Keira is only 3 months old she has grown so much and I owe so much of that to her. She doesn't just "watch" the babies but takes the time to work with them and teach them. We're so excited Keira will be back in her class in August...seriously, so excited!!! Yesterday Dylan and Keira both had their "End of the Year" parties...

Some of his friends...

Matt and his mommy, my favorite BRS/PPCD-K teacher...we'll miss you next school year :-(

Getting their "2-year old" diplomas :-)

Best Buds!

Keira and Ms. Maria!

And Ms. Nancy :-)

The kids obsessed with Ms. Chelsea's iPad...

Home and watching Mickey Mouse...ready for summer to begin :-)

At the beginning of the year I definitely had my doubts about having a whole elementary school to myself, but luckily I was placed in a great school with an amazing principal and staff. My caseload was higher than I would have preferred (I'm betting the highest in the district) and that made it a little crazy, but nothing I couldn't handle without the help of my co-workers (plus the kids are sweet). Here's hoping next school year is a bit easier :-)