"Sick Day" with Dylan

It seems the plague has been making it's way through our house and affected someone in someway or another. I had an infection and stayed home on Tuesday to go to the doctor (and rest from the 2-hours of sleep I got the night before), Keith has had a cold, and yesterday Dylan was sent home with a fever. Keith picked him up from school and stayed with him, but since he has to be fever-free for 24 hours before going back, I stayed home with him today. He looked like he felt fine this morning, so I took him to the park so he could get some play time in.

As much as I hated using a sick day since I'm going to need them all when I go on maternity leave in March, I loved spending the day with Dylan. He is SO much fun and I really need to appreciate all the "alone" time we have right now...as excited as I am to give him a baby brother or sister, it makes me sad to think that he won't be my only baby for much longer :-( My camera has also been in hiding for a couple of months since life has been so crazy lately and I need to break away from that...Dylan's growing like a weed and I need to capture as much of his life as I possibly can.

I had another appointment with Dr. Garner today and he said everything is still looking great! We have the anatomy scan scheduled for Oct 15th, so hopefully we'll get a confirmation on the gender...then I can start obsessing about nursery themes I find on Pinterest. The all-day nausea is still lingering and I'm NOT LOVING IT! Perhaps it's Week 16 that'll come to my rescue?! :-/


Football season is here!

I hate to admit it, but I actually look forward to football season (college at least...I don't care too much for high school or professional). It falls in the fall (my favorite season) and it makes Keith happy, which makes me happy. Plus, depending on who's playing, I start getting into the games now. This past weekend Dylan and I went to our first UNT football game at the new stadium. He is SO his father's son and loves watching football and marching bands...it brings tears to my eyes just seeing how much that little boy adores his daddy and looks up to him and wants to be just like him.  Daddy is definitely his best friend and I wouldn't have it any other way...(stupid pregnancy making me an emotional wreck!). Anyway, back to the UNT game...

Stalking the Green Brigade...


"Merming mans!!!"

We spent most of pre-game trying to get him out of the bounce house...

Dylan loves Game Day food!

UNT won!

Yea for football and marching bands!

In Baby #2 news (I almost forget to mention it since it was our little secret for so long...I kind of miss that), we had another ultrasound last week when we had the NT scan. We were told the gender of the baby and the doctor said she's 95% sure, but we're not planning on anything until we get confirmation at our next ultrasound next month (clue: I wasn't expecting it!). And thankfully all the results came back great! I was really hoping Week 14 would mean the end of the all-day nausea, but it's not looking that way...maybe Week 15?!?! Other than that, things are looking great! My belly is definitely growing and people at school who don't know I'm pregnant are starting to stare at my stomach (and noticing my 20 trips to the bathroom a day).

13 weeks, 1 day!

Things have been so crazy around here that it was nice to finally have a night where I could get some laundry done, load the dishwasher, and make some dinner (Olive Garden To-Go, what else!). I hope things start slowing down soon!