Keira Addyson - 7 Months

This month Keira visited her first pumpkin patch. She also worked really, really hard and finally started crawling (2 days after turning 7 months)!!! Now she's going nonstop and rocking Dylan's world. Keira has started trying some more fruits and vegetables, however she's still not very interested in any finger foods or her sippy cup. She still doesn't have any teeth yet. We had to lower the mattress on her crib a few weeks ago because she was trying to pull up on her crib...yikes!


Pumpkin Patch 2013

This year the Hyde's graciously accepted again when I asked if I could drag them to the pumpkin patch with us...such great friends :-)

Yup, we'll be seeing this in the future...

...this one too! "Mom, Jackson made me do it!"

Dylan and his new family, apparently...

Poor thing passed out during the fun...pictures after that weren't very successful :-/

"Mommy, this is stupid..."

"Mommy...this is awesome!!!"

Not digging pictures with big bro


These boys have the BEST daddy's in the whole world! They hate this ride but do it for their boys :-)

This picture will be framed and put on both of their desks at work :-)