Week in the Life

I originally got the idea for a "Week in the Life" blogpost from another blog I read every now and then by Ali Edwards. You basically document a week in your life using pictures and words, however she gets a little more intense by using scrapbooking materials and organizing them in binders. I don't have the time nor the scrapbooking knowledge to go that far, so I'm keeping it simple! Also, I initially wanted to try the 365 Project, which is where you take a picture everyday for a year (365 days), but I know I'm not nearly as invested to do that either. So I figure this is a great medium and a fun way to share our life...I strongly suggest you do the same!

Sunday, July 24th: Joey was here this weekend and I had a craving for chocolate cake (walking down the cake aisle at Target will do that to you), so I figured I'd make one for all to share! It was quite tasty but I will admit, I really could've pilled on some more chocolate icing *sigh*...

Monday, July 25th: Okay, so I cheated here by adding 2 pictures, but I loved them both. While Daddy was at the dentist the boys and I decided to have some fun with the bubbles (yes, the cat and the kid love bubbles equally). Dylan especially loves how distracted Hooch gets by the bubbles that it gives him enough time/space to get close enough to touch the kitty and his jingles.

Tuesday, July 26th: Today Keith and Dylan went to lunch with Chris at The Tomato that was rebuilt in Sanger, TX, leaving me alone for the afternoon. So what did I do with myself?? Pedi!!! And cleaned the house, of course. I enjoyed it very much! Now waiting for my boys to get home with some pizza for me :)

Wednesday, July 27th: We didn't do much today but since Dylan does suffer from "cabin fever" quite often we have to take him out at least once a day, even if its just for a stroll through the mall. We decided to venture out to Stonebriar in Frisco because our usual mall in Plano does get routine after a while...although you can't beat the covered parking garage these days!

Thursday, July 28th: Today we went to Little Elm Park and visited their "beach". I know I have a whole blog post about it already, but figured it was worth sharing again :)

Friday, July 29th: Today was Friday, which was a Gymboree Day!!! Dylan only has one more class before I go back to work and I've been pretty upset about leaving until I found out today was his teacher's last day (he's a nursing student). His teacher was great and I'm really happy we got to spend our summer in his class.

Saturday, July 30th: Today we went up to Denton to go tour UNT's new football stadium. And even I'll admit, it was pretty freakin' cool. Now all we have to do is figure out how to raise the money for club level seats...watching football in A/C and with alcohol!? Heaven! And Dylan has his seat picked out already :)

As much as I loved this project, I surprisingly found myself having trouble keeping up/keeping track of my pictures for everyday ("oh crap, did I take a picture today?? I don't remember!!"). It was definitely a bit harder than I thought...I hope you all enjoyed!


Morning at the Beach!

This morning we decided to take Dylan to the beach! I'd heard about Little Elm Park and their little beach off of Lake Lewisville a couple of months ago, but kept forgetting about it. Luckily I finally remembered and figured we'd visit it before we lost our free days with Keith. It turned out to be such a great idea! We got there around 8:30am (before it started to get too hot) and there was just one other man there swimming. As the morning went we were only joined by 2 other families, so we pretty much had all the space we wanted. We were worried that the water would be too cold to swim in, but it actually felt great and Keith &  Dylan had a great time swimming around.

Definitely one of my new favorite pictures!

Another fun day with our little man!


Happy 1st Birthday Anderson!

Today we went to a birthday party for Dylan's friend Anderson. Anderson was in Dylan's daycare class last fall, until Dylan was moved up to the older class in January, and they'll be in the same class this coming year as well. I'm happy that Dylan gets to keep the same kids in his class as he grows and I know he's ready to see his friends again (I don't know why when he could stay home and spend all day with mommy!!!). 

Unfortunately with Dylan still not walking (at least not when he doesn't want to) he's still pretty limited in what he can do...like climb up the play equipment at McDonald's. And we still have to stick pretty close to him to make sure he doesn't fall...or maybe that's just a "mommy-thing". But luckily there was a toddler area so Dylan was still able to play!

You can tell by the smile on his face that he's ready to go back to school and play with someone other than mommy & daddy everyday :(

Here's Anderson (sitting in the red chair, behind the toy) opening our present!

And of course Dylan has to try out all of the birthday boy's new loot!

Dylan had so much fun and we're happy to have been a part of Anderson's special day. Keith has one more week before he has to go back to work and unfortunately it's starting to fill up with dentist appointments and check-ups. Yup, leave it to us to do all of this last minute. Neither one of us is ready to go back to work yet but I guess we HAVE to do something to earn these paychecks we get every month, huh?


Dylan's First Steps!

Well after many, many months of worrying, Dylan has finally taken his first steps and was walking clear across the room last night! Keith and I have been working with him on getting him to walk back and forth between us, but he would usually take only about 2-3 steps (which was still great!). Yesterday we were working on it some more before dinner and we noticed he was able to go longer and would even pause and stand on his own for about a second or two...we were ecstatic! We met Rodger for dinner (he's in Fort Worth for some meetings) and when we can back home we had Dylan show off his new moves.

Well, to our pleasant surprise, he was able to walk between Keith and Grandpa, who were sitting at opposite ends of the living room.  We were beyond happy and proud of him...it was like a huge weight was lifting off of our shoulders.

I so wanted Dylan to be able to walk before going back to school, and before he turned 15 months most importantly, but it wasn't looking that way at all. As Dr. Coco said, "it's just his personality"...or in other words, we have a lazy baby. In my head I was already planning out where I would take him for his PT eval, how we would juggle therapy once school started again, even asking daycare to keep him in the infant class because I didn't think he'd be ready for the demands of the toddler class. I know I was getting way ahead of myself, but I was extremely worried! For months I've been reading on Facebook about other's babies standing independently, taking steps, and walking...babies born AFTER Dylan, and frankly, it made me angry and sick to my stomach to read it. Not to mention seeing other babies younger than him at Gymboree walking and running clear across the gym (and then their parents laughing at his unusual "butt scoot"...I understand that it was all in good fun, but it still bothered me). And even though I had so many great friends tell me not to worry, reassuring me that it'll happen when he's ready, a part of me still cried deep down inside...wow, this entry is getting pretty dark and real, huh?

I understand that he still has a long way to go before he's officially walking and running on his own, but I don't care. I feel like I have all the patience in the world now, because I know we're on our way to getting there. We'll just have to take "baby steps"! :)


Summer sickness...

Well, seeing as how I'm sick in bed at the current moment (I know, who gets sick during the summer?!?!) I decided to do some blog updating before my MacBook's battery dies on me.

On Tuesday Dylan decided to be ever so generous and not wake up until 8:45am, so we decided it'd be a great opportunity to take the DART train down into downtown Dallas and go to lunch. We had a fun ride down and had a yummy meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. Unfortunately on our way to Victory Plaza we lost Dylan's cool hat. He had it on when we left and not 5 minutes later. It was blazing hot out already and we didn't want to suffer through in going to go look for it :( Oh well, hopefully we'll find another one just like it. We have a few more ideas on things we'd like to do for the remainder of our summer break (Keith goes back in 2 weeks and I in 3 1/2), so hopefully the weather might get better???

Unfortunately with it being 105 degrees outside (just another North Texas summer), Dylan is very limited in his fun, summer activities during the day. I try to take him out as much as I can in the early morning before the heat becomes fatal, so while we’re stuck at home I have to do what I can to keep him entertained…even if it means making a mess in the living room!

Dylan has really gotten into books and I love watching him open them all at once and "read" them. He really is growing so quickly right before our very eyes...its completely bittersweet...


Home Sweet Home!!!

I don't think anyone is more excited than I am to finally be home! We had a wonderful trip and it was so great being able to see all of our families again, but there's just no place like home. We left Brownsville early on Friday in hopes to beat the Houston traffic, but Dylan definitely made himself at home before we left.

He liked rearranging Grandma B's utensils in the kitchen...and also throwing them on the floor!

He took over Uncle Joey's computer!

And also stole Grandpa B's recliner and his "man room"!!!

We decided to stay one more day in Houston to rest up and so Dylan could make a few more visits before leaving town (yea, Dylan had so make some visits..its not about Keith or I anymore!). Luckily that also meant that we could swing by The Galleria so I could take Dylan to Dylan's Candy Bar. Jackie was the one who told me about it when she gave Dylan a candy bar for Christmas (she gave him other things too, not just a candy bar!!!) and I've been wanting to take him since I found out they had a store in Houston.

They had a lot of yummy candy and I also bought Dylan a shirt (since technically it has his name on it, spelled the same way!).

We had a better drive back and Dylan didn't really cry too much...whine yes, but no real crying. Dylan slept for about an hour once we got home and now he's going around the house delivering the mail with his new walker while I watch the closing arguments for the Casey Anthony trial...don't ask me to blog about that! But the real fun starts tomorrow when I attempt to tackle all the laundry!