Dylan will be here soon...

Due to recent high blood pressure concerns at my last appointment, my doctor has decided to put me on bed rest and induce me on Wednesday, May 19...so Dylan should be here in a few days! And the funny part is that May 19th also happens to be our 3-year wedding anniversary! This was certainly unexpected, especially since we had already talked about possibly inducing on the 31st if I went past my due date...but ready or not, here he comes. I went in for one more ultrasound this afternoon and he is already measuring at 8 1/2 pounds, so that makes me very thankful that we are not waiting until the 31st...who knows how big he would’ve been then!?!? I’ll be checking in to Labor & Delivery at 5pm tomorrow night and be induced Wednesday morning...we can’t wait to hold our baby boy in our arms finally!!!

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