Bluebonnets 2012

Yea for springtime!!! Even though it never really felt like winter was even here. I drive to Irving at least twice a week for work and one of the best parts of my commute right now (besides the alone time I have, just me and the radio) is seeing the bluebonnets popping up along the highway...they're everywhere! Luckily we have our own gorgeous batch in Plano that we visited yesterday evening. Dylan is definitely in the "I refuse to have my picture taken!" phase, but we managed to get a few great shots.

One way we actually got him to cooperate was by giving him Daddy's phone to play with... (as seen in the next few pictures)


"Old Man" Dylan, watching his beloved duckies...

This was him last year in the bluebonnets...my how time flies :-(

I also tried getting some Easter "bunny" pictures for his Easter cards, but, again, he refused to work with me. Such a stinker!

I barely managed to sneak the ears on...

Again, this was him last year *tear* *sniff*...

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