"Sick Day" with Dylan

It seems the plague has been making it's way through our house and affected someone in someway or another. I had an infection and stayed home on Tuesday to go to the doctor (and rest from the 2-hours of sleep I got the night before), Keith has had a cold, and yesterday Dylan was sent home with a fever. Keith picked him up from school and stayed with him, but since he has to be fever-free for 24 hours before going back, I stayed home with him today. He looked like he felt fine this morning, so I took him to the park so he could get some play time in.

As much as I hated using a sick day since I'm going to need them all when I go on maternity leave in March, I loved spending the day with Dylan. He is SO much fun and I really need to appreciate all the "alone" time we have right now...as excited as I am to give him a baby brother or sister, it makes me sad to think that he won't be my only baby for much longer :-( My camera has also been in hiding for a couple of months since life has been so crazy lately and I need to break away from that...Dylan's growing like a weed and I need to capture as much of his life as I possibly can.

I had another appointment with Dr. Garner today and he said everything is still looking great! We have the anatomy scan scheduled for Oct 15th, so hopefully we'll get a confirmation on the gender...then I can start obsessing about nursery themes I find on Pinterest. The all-day nausea is still lingering and I'm NOT LOVING IT! Perhaps it's Week 16 that'll come to my rescue?! :-/

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