Self-Portrait Maternity Pics

I've been trying really hard to put myself in front of the camera lately...one of my photography goals this year. So I've been counting on my tripod and wireless remote to help me with this. As much as I wanted to have professional maternity pictures done (I didn't get any done with Dylan and I really want to remember what I looked like pregnant...it may be my last), I also wanted to challenge myself to do them on my own. Luckily Dylan was very willing to cooperate! Unfortunately I didn't realize my 50mm lens was on Manual Focus until after we were done and home...they're not completely out of focus, but definitely not as sharp as I would have liked. But with every obstacle, I learn something new!

These were done days later...I love how they turned out in black and white!

Today I attempted a mini-shoot with Dylan for his Valentine's Day cards...I had a $20 code from Shutterfly that had to be used by Wednesday, and I wasn't letting it go! Again, he did a great job of cooperating...who is this kid?!?! Who cares, I'm loving it!

Yes, he is in his PJs...he was modeling, I wasn't adding a wardrobe change into the mix!

Work is even crazier than ever, but I am determined to have every kid tested, report written, and ARD held before I leave. At my last appointment we scheduled our C-section date for March 8, so that leaves me with 7 weeks to go...however Dr. Garner told me to be prepared to go sooner if I have to, and I am! We have also FINALLY decided on a name for our little girl...Keira Addyson Marshall. We have most of the nursery ready, Keith has been working hard to get as much done as he can when he's home. Pictures will definitely be posted once it's all ready!

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