A Day Out With Thomas

When we took Dylan last year to go see Thomas the Tank Engine, he had no idea who Thomas was and wasn't too interested in trains. A year later, he is obsessed with trains and especially Thomas! It is so cute to watch him love something so much and how excited he gets when he sees trains. So a trip to go see Thomas this year was a definite must! Knowing that Keira was going to be about 6 weeks old around the time we'd go, I was hesitant to buy 3 tickets so we could all go, but this was something I wanted us to do as a family. And what made it better was that our great buddies, The Hyde's, would be joining in on the fun. Even before we mentioned to Dylan that Jackson would be going too, he said "I want Jackson to go on the train too!"...true BFFs!

Playing with some trains before boarding on Thomas!

Daddy and Keira in line and so excited!

"Choo, Choo!"

Such a sweet boy :-)

Keira passed out once the train started moving...

And ending the fun with a little sandbox action...

Thanks for the ride, Thomas!

Keira did so well that morning and after a delicious lunch with our buddies, both kids went down for their naps when we got home. Such a fun morning out!

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  1. Your little ones are adorable! I can't wait for my little boy to find things like Thomas fun :))