Keira Addyson - 11 Months

Holy cow! Only 1 more month until Keira is the big ONE! And boy (or girl), has she had a big month. First of all, Keira started walking!!! She started taking a few steps 3-4 weeks ago, but this past week is non-stop and definitely on the move. It's been so fun watching her walk everywhere and try chasing Dylan. This month Keira has also decided to ditch any baby food and only wants the table food that we're eating...and she's very demanding too! She has also decided to start using her sippy cup consistently, yippee!

More great news this month, Keira finally sprouted a tooth! It's still only one, but she finally has one! I've been really cautious about giving her too many table foods since I'm afraid she won't be able to chew and swallow it properly, but so many have told me that the gums are strong enough to do the job and that I need to start her on all varieties of food anyway. But with the one tooth, she's unstoppable now! She has also started signing "more" and saying "ma" when she wants more food. She is also doing more imaginative play lately, such as flying airplanes in the air saying "brr" and giving her baby some goldfish to eat. So cute to watch!

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