It's Almost Spring Break!

We are 1 day away from Spring Break and I have mixed feeling about the week off. I'm so looking forward to not having to go to work for a week, however during that week we'll be having family in town, celebrating Keira's birthday, getting doctor/dentist appointment in, packing up our entire downstairs and moving it all upstairs (will it all fit?! who knows!!!), having our floors ripped out, getting our foundation fixed, and having to live for almost a whole week without floors until the new ones can be installed the following week, and writing a REALLY big check to pay for everything because apparently paying for foundation insurance for years means nothing when your foundation starts to fail...CRAZY! I don't know where we'll sleep, I don't know where the kids will play (downstairs with no flooring or upstairs with no space? I know, they'll spend the week playing on the stairs!), I don't know how we'll deal during this whole mess. But I just have to keep telling myself that once it's all done all the embarrassing cracks in our walls will be gone, all the doors will finally shut again, and we'll have pretty new hardwood floors to enjoy. But until then, grrr! At this point, I'm just trying to deal with anything new with as much grace and patience as possible, my head is about to explode. Meanwhile, we're very excited for Keira to turn 1 in a couple of days...I still can't believe how fast time flew :-)

Last week they celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at daycare, so I managed to be creative enough to make some shirts for the kids.

Last weekend we went up to Denton so I could get some graduation pictures for Joey's invites...

On Monday we had a Bad Weather Day, even though the roads were perfectly fine, so we spent some time reading in Dylan's bed...excuse the morning hair :-)

And we had a fun pre-birhtday photo shoot to pass the time!

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