1 month down, countless more to go...

It seems like we just blinked our eyes and Dylan was already a month old! So much has happened in just a few short weeks and our baby is definitely growing fast. When we first brought Dylan home it was definitely an adjustment, especially since Keith and I had no clue what we were doing. Luckily Keith took a few days off of work and was a huge help (so big that I begged him to never go back!). We definitely had some sleepless nights (I never knew I could function on such little sleep) but we are doing much better these days. Dylan would also get extremely fussy during the day, and especially in the evening, but we’ve started to learn how to settle him down, and that has really made all the difference. We are really enjoying our time at home with Dylan and getting to know our baby boy. And even though we have some hard days, we are starting to feel more and more like competent (maybe even good) parents everyday. We’re very lucky to have this amazing miracle in our lives!

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