1 year old!!!

Everyone told me to cherish every moment because it would all go by in a heartbeat...they were all right! It really is hard to believe my little man is a year old, but I absolutely love the person he’s becoming.

Dylan isn’t walking yet, but he did start pulling himself up and standing on his own. He will also walk with us holding his hands. Dr. Coco says he probably won’t be walking until closer to 14-15 months, but we’re not rushing him! He’s so quick these days its really getting hard to keep up. He also had a great 1-year check-up and is weighing in at almost 27 pounds...the weight of an average 2-year old!

Dylan has starting trying a lot more different foods. He LOVES to eat out and has a harder time sitting and eating at home...he fits right in our family! His favorite foods right now are Goldfish, string cheese, and yogurt. Hopefully we can get him eating some fruits and vegetables again. Dylan’s also started in the wonderful “tantrum” phase. They don’t last very long, especially if we ignore him, but I’m sure he’s just getting started.

We can’t wait to see what Year 2 has to bring us!!!

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