Easter 2012

Luckily, since we had no snow days this winter, we had a 4-day weekend for Easter...the first in years for us! We were so excited for the time off. And it was nice that Keith's parents and Stacey decided to come up and spend the holiday weekend with us...always fun having family around!

On Friday we had to take Dylan to get his hair cut. We usually take him to Argyle (where Keith gets his haircut) however we won't be able to see Robin for a few weeks and Dylan needed one, BAD!
Trying to keep still while watching Elmo...

...clean cut and "let's go Rangers!"

Saturday we made the Bunny cake (which tasted awesome, by the way), the eggs, and made a trip to our favorite Arbor Creek Nature Preserve.

Hi Rory!

Dylan also opened some presents from Grandma & Grandpa S.

Yea, new swim shorts and hat! We're beach-ready!

On Sunday Dylan woke up and opened his Easter baskets from the Easter bunny and from both grandparents. We then headed off to church and he did amazing! Thanks to Papa for holding him most of the time and keeping him still! As we were leaving it started raining and it rained most of the afternoon. I was afraid Dylan would't get to do his egg hunt :-( After his nap we drove up to Denton to have dinner with Joey and by the time we made it back, it had cleared up pretty well. So off to the park we went! Success!!!
"Yea, Elmo!!!"

Dylan's Easter loot!

At Outback with Joey...

Finding eggs...

Found some more!


Tickles from Aunt Stacey...

Love him!

Love him too!!!

Typical afternoon for us

It was a fun weekend for us and we're so ready to get the next 2 months out of the way! Thanks to Keith's family for traveling up and spending some fun times with us!

Our next project is Dylan's birthday party...can't believe he'll be 2 next month!!!

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