Weeks leading up to Christmas!

Wow, almost a month since my last post...all of the fun festivities have been keeping me from my computer! This is always such a crazy, busy time of the year, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We'll start with a belly pic from about 26 weeks...Merry Christmas to us!

A couple of weeks ago we met the Hyde's in Farmers Branch in a neighborhood completely decked out for Christmas...they had popcorn, hot chocolate, and even free rides!

Then we headed over to Vitruvian Park in Addison to check out their lights...amazing!

We also attended Keith's Christmas concert...Dylan loves listening to "Daddy's marching band"!

Last weekend my parents visited so we can do Christmas with them, and Dylan loved all the presents he opened early!

Showing Grandma B how to use the train...

That weekend was also Keith's Tuba Holiday concert...we're so proud of everything he does every year to put this on!

Trains, overlapping other trains, to make more trains!

Unfortunately Dylan was sent home with a virus on Monday, but luckily he was well enough to go back to school on Wednesday for his Christmas party! It was also Pajama Day so he sported his very fashionable "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" PJs.

On Thursday Dylan had his Christmas show at school...they did "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"

Dylan loves his teacher, Ms. Chelsea...and so do we!

When we got home that afternoon we found a package at our front door...presents from Aunt Jackie! *He is wearing underwear in these pictures...we had just taken his costume/reindeer PJ's off of him*


Phew, that wasn't too long of an update! Aside from all the fun we've been having, work has been insane this month. Because all of my annual ARDs are due to March and April (when I'll be out on maternity leave), I am having to push them all up and have them now so it can all be taken care of before I leave. This includes testing I'm pushing up as well...and that's not even counting the referrals I'm getting. I held about 10 ARDs this month and have at least 2-3 scheduled every week until the end of February. And when the heck do I get any therapy done??? Don't ask! Somebody remind me to never go on maternity leave during the school year ever again! But somehow I've managed to keep myself organized and sane...I seriously don't know how I'm doing it, but I am. I come home pretty exhausted at the end of the day and thankfully Keith's been a huge help when it comes to Dylan. I still want to get on the floor and play with him or take him upstairs so he can play in his room, but most nights I just can't find the energy :-(

Okay, enough of me...we still have SO MUCH to look forward to! Christmas is just days away and the chance of snow is looking better and better...I'm trying so hard to not get my hopes up! And with Christmas brings Keith cooking meatballs and sausage with pasta...yum!!! This little girl has NO IDEA what's coming her way. Then we'll have Keith's family visiting for Christmas. Then Dylan's new bedroom furniture will be delivered on January 1st and we can start working on his room's makeover and the new nursery...ahh, so much to do in just 2 short weeks! Can't wait to get it all done!

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