Ice Storm 2013

Holy Moly, what a past 4 days it's been!!! Long story short, there was a crazy ice storm that hit this weekend that canceled school Friday and Monday and left us stranded at home for 3 days straight, without leaving. Dylan and Keira were ready to kill each other...and it was so fun to watch!

This was a picture taken through the window...I had no desire to go outside, at all.

The first day wasn't too bad and we were all pretty excited to get the day off, even if it meant having to reschedule some ARDs and testing (ehh, who does therapy anymore anyway!?!?). But by Day 2 and 3, the kids were bouncing off the walls and I needed a break! Unfortunately we have a very steep driveway so even if we were able to make it out of the garage and down the alley safely, odds are we wouldn't be able to get back in. So we spent Friday-Sunday enjoying each other's company and trying not to drive each other crazy :-)

"I love following Dylan around and driving him crazy!!!"

By Day 2, I had to bring out the big guns...Mario Kart Wii!

"Mommy, what IS all of this white stuff?!?!"

Warm snuggles in mommy's bed with some Mickey Mouse :-)

Play-Do fun to kill some time...

Roads on Day 3...still very icy :-/

On Day 4 there was no school again, but at least we were able to finally get out for a little bit. We took Keira to see Dr. Coco to make sure her ear infections were gone (which they weren't) and stopped at Target...Dylan ran around so much, poor cooped up baby! The roads and parking lots were still pretty slick so we spent most of the day inside again. Luckily I remembered to bring my work laptop home with me so I was able to complete a couple of reports and ARD paperwork. I'm just so thankful we never lost electricity (or internet!). Now only a 4-day week this week and 3 full days (and 2 half-days) next week before Winter Break...

And here are the kids "Christmas pictures"...

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