Keira Addyson - 9 Months

Keira has had a good month. She is so fast when she crawls and pulls up, I can't keep up! She has been able to stand independently for a few seconds, but not consistently. And still no teeth, but we've been trying to give her more solids lately, like breads. She celebrated her 1st Thanksgiving and thinks we are so crazy for putting lights all around the house. She also got her 1st ear infections this month :-(. She loves helping to take care of the other babies in her class and pushing them when they're in their swings. Unfortunately Keira will be moving up to the next class at daycare and we're so upset that she won't be with Ms. Nancy anymore. Oh well...proof that she's growing too fast. I don't have any stats for her because we had to postpone her dr. appt until after the new year.

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