39 Weeks...she's almost here!

Keira will be here tomorrow! And I'm still more worried about Dylan than about her and I. I'm hoping things will go smoothly and he won't be upset about the baby and about me being in the hospital and not home with him, but I guess we won't know until tomorrow. But either way, we're all so excited to have Keira here...I can't wait to sleep on my stomach and be comfortable again!

I noticed I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately and really wanted to get some of Dylan while he was still an only child, so I snapped a few this past week...

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

He loved his hat so much, he wore it again the next day...

And again the next morning...

Sleepy baby!

"Mommy, get that annoying camera away from me!"

Our last picture as a family of 3!!!

I will try and let everyone know about Keira's arrival as soon as I have a free chance...so it may take a few weeks :-)

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  1. So so sweet...look at those adorable dimples on that handsome little guy! He'll be such a wonderful big brother. And I bet he'll enjoy having some boys -only time with Daddy tonight :). Good luck! Thinking of you all!