Keira Addyson - 5 Months


We're almost at the half-year mark! Keira has had such an eventful month. This month she started sitting independently (at 4.5 months) and it has opened up a whole new world of playtime for her. She likes sitting on the carpet with Dylan and stealing his trains...he doesn't like it so much though. Keira has started grabbing and picking up items, and then she likes to "accidentally" drop them. Earlier this month, on a whim, I decided to try feeding Keira a bowl of cereal since she was always trying to grab our food...she loved it! I can't wait to start making her some vegetables to try. Now, every morning, she tries grabbing one of Dylan's blueberry muffins...she'll have to wait a little longer for those. Keira has really started to become vocal this month and loves to "talk" very loudly, especially when we're out. She is still wearing 6 month clothes, but they're starting to get a bit tight, so we might be moving to her adorable 9 month outfits soon!

Unfortunately we're still battling some sleep regression. At first she was waking up at night because of teething, but I think the teething has passed and she's still waking up. We still swaddle Keira at night and when we tried leaving her arms free, she was waking up again. So now she sleeps with one arm free, except she'll take her paci out in the middle of the night and wake up when she realizes it's gone. Luckily she goes right back to sleep and she still sleeps through the night every now and then, but we're so ready to get her sleeping through the night again. And hopefully completely unswaddled soon!

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  1. With trust glow worm, of course!! Maybe I should call it "glam worm" :). She's adorable!!!!