Happy 4th Birthday, Dylan!

It's hard to believe that I now have a 4-year old, but what's even harder to swallow is the fact that next year I'll have a 5-year old and a kindergartner...time, please slow down!

Dylan has grown so much in the past year! He is learning to be an amazing big brother to Keira and offers to help me whenever Keith's not home. He also has such a sweet, warm heart when it comes to me and Keith. He may not like sharing with his friends and sister, but he loves to offer his food to us "Mommy, you want some?". Dylan is also such a joker and he definitely gets that from his daddy. Dylan loves going to the park and running and jumping everywhere. He's a very active boy and hates being stuck at home all day. He still has a pretty picky diet and is still waking up at 6am on the dot every morning, weekend or weekday. Oye! His favorite movie right now is Frozen and although he still plays with his trains and watches Thomas, he's also into Lego's, pirates, and any show on the Disney Junior channel.

Academically, Dylan can count up to 20 (sometimes) and knows all of his letter, most letter sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. He does have a hard time focusing on his work when writing...his work starts off good, but by the end of the page, its mostly just "whatever" lines. He does resist doing his work at school, but who wants to sit and trace their name when they can be at centers! He loves doing his jobs at school and being Ms. Autumn's helper...or stalker, she can't leave the room without telling him where's she's going first, and following her there. Creepy! Dylan's language is still a little behind (in my opinion) but he has learned SO MANY new things at school and I love hearing some of the new things he'll say..."are you kidding me?!".

Behaviorally and socially, Dylan still has a few issues, but he's doing so much better. Not sure if he's starting to grow out of his little phase he was in, or just learning to cope better in situations that cause him stress/anxiety, but he's definitely surprised me a lot in the past few months. He'll say "hi" to complete strangers at restaurants or play at birthday parties where he doesn't know anyone, but he still refuses to let anyone take his picture or will have a huge meltdown at his sister's birthday party because he didn't get the color ball he wanted. Everyone tells me it's normal, so I'm going to try to go with it. He is also so much better at remembering relatives he doesn't see often (which is almost everyone since we don't live near any family) and gets so excited when people come visit. He is such a wonderful son and I'm so blessed and happy to be his mommy (and his best friend, as he says).

More interested in the air packs than the dinosaurs from Aunt Jackie...

Undies for his birthday! He was actually excited!

Yay, more Llama Llama books...thanks Grandma!

So pissed she didn't get a single thing...

Pirate pictures taken for his invitations:

Let's party!!!

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