Dylan's 4th Birthday Party

This year we had Dylan's birthday party at The Fields at Carrollton Parkway. We visited there last year (when we discovered the awesomeness of the park and the fact that it had a splash pad, so fun) and I was really excited to find out you could rent the indoor rooms for parties, and for pretty cheap! The kids had a great time playing out on the 2 playgrounds and it was a nice break for them to come inside for some pizza and cake (in the air conditioning...sorry, but sweat and I just don't vibe very well). I don't have as many pictures because I'm finally learning to put the camera down for a bit (or just give it to Keith) and try enjoying the party and company. About time, huh?

My 2 vultures trying to score some snacks before the party started...

Apparently Daddy likes taking pics of just Keira ;-)

The only picture I could get of her in her outfit...

While we were inside cleaning up and Joey was "watching" the kids, they all decided to run in the splash pad without letting any of us know...sneaky!

Keira's first time playing in water that wasn't at bath time...she's going to love summer time!

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