Our July, 2014

After we got back from our vacation we tried doing as much as we could with the kids before Keith went back to work in early August.

Dylan started his 2nd season of soccer...

...and Keira still cried because she couldn't play too.

We also watched the fireworks at Addison's Kaboomtown with the Hyde's!

And we went to a Ranger's game...

...and they had big roonies!!!! (thats what Dylan calls macaroni and cheese)

We bought the All-You-Can-Eat seats and Keira ate a whole box of popcorn by herself...

We also went golfing...

...and Gloworm golfed too :-)

We bowled...

...and we also went to Vanessa's birthday party!

We also visited Little Elm Park...I really wish we had done this more this summer

And we had one more photo shoot at Lake Grapevine!

I go back to work next week and the kids go back to daycare in 2 weeks. Dylan's already making a fuss about not wanting to go back, so looks like we'll have 2 kids tantruming as we drop them off that first day. Still can't believe Dylan will be in Pre-K!

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