My "hopeful" return to blogging!

It has been over 6 months since my last blog post...mostly because I would forgot to, but also because I just didn't feel like keeping up with it anymore...until 2 nights ago. I was sent a coupon for 50% off a blog book and was excited because I still had 2013-2015 to print out. As I was designing those year's books, I realized how fun it would be to read through those when we received them, and felt bad for not blogging about the rest of 2015. Our fantastic trip to Disney, Dylan's first few weeks of kindergarten, Dylan breaking his arm, the holidays. None of it was documented in the blog, so none of it will be in our "yearbooks". Sure, I have all the pictures saved on my computer to show it all happened, but it won't be in our books we look through years from now (after the kids leave my nest and I need to reminisce to keep myself from packing them up and dragging them back home). So I've decided to try and pick up blogging again...not for the sake of sharing it with the world on the internet, but for the sake of being able to print it out and add it to our collection of memories. So, here goes nothing!!!

We've been dealing with a few illnesses lately. Last week Keira threw up one night (and didn't tell anyone, so we didn't know about it until the next morning when it was all dried up and her room REEKED...that was not a fun clean-up, not to mention the thought of my poor baby sleeping in that filth all night made me so sad) and then this week Dylan was sent home from school for vomiting in class. He was feeling perfectly fine the next day, so it was more a "free day" for us than a "sick day".

So we went to Sprinkles in Dallas to get some cupcakes!!!

Always fun spending time with my big boy!

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