The Little Gym

Last month I enrolled Dylan and Keira in classes at The Little Gym in Plano. Dylan is not a contact/competitive sport kind of kid, but he needed to do something...Keira too. I wanted to enroll Keira in gymnastics because we had taken a class during the summer with the Plano Rec Center and she seemed to enjoy it, but I didn't want to try those "hard core" gymnastics gyms, I wanted her to have fun, but also learn some skills. So we tried out The Little Gym in Plano and she loved it! Dylan came to see a few of her classes and decided he wanted to do a class as well. Keira's class is a parent participation class still, but Dylan's class is all him, without me, and he's doing a fantastic job!

She loves her teacher!!! Ms. Lyssa is also Dylan's teacher, and she's fantastic!

I'm so glad we found this place!!!

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