So sick of summer!!!

Seriously, I'm so done with this record-breaking heat! I really wanted to take Dylan to the Dallas Arboretum this weekend to get some pictures taken, but it is way too hot to take him anywhere that doesn't have A/C. And it doesn't look like fall will be gracing us with its present anytime soon unfortunately. It's really hard to not get excited for the fall when all the stores have their Halloween stuff out already and cute sweaters on sale. October has to be my favorite month of all (Not December (Christmas) or June (my birthday)!?!? Shocking, I know!). We get to go to the Pumpkin Patch, the weather starts getting cooler, Halloween, and we're in the midst of college football season (thanks Keith)! I'm not sure what Dylan's halloween costume will be this year...still keeping my options open. But I've found an adorable pumpkin shirt on Etsy I want to buy him...it should be on the side column of this blog, at the bottom where it says Etsy Favorites, in case you'd like to take a look! Maybe the excitement from the upcoming season will help me get passed the current miserable one we're stuck in now.

Dylan has been doing great at school! Apparently he's' drinking from an open cup with a straw (no more sippy cup), napping without his paci, and drinking milk...all things he doesn't do at home! But he's adjusting very well and doesn't cry at drop-off anymore, unless mommy drops him off. He can also use a fork with no problems and he'll be working on learning to use a spoon next week...exciting stuff! And Dylan's pretend play and imagination is really kicking in. He will grab towels and start cleaning the furniture, pick up one of his plastic golf clubs and start vacuuming the floors, and he'll even brush his own hair. Unfortunately he'll also use golf clubs, amongst other things, to hit the cat...neither one of them seems to understand how their friendship is supposed to work and now the cat runs away while Dylan chases him. Dylan also had his 15-month appointment and Dr. Coco said he's growing nicely...he is still in the 75-90% for weight (28 lbs) and height (32 in). We went shopping this morning for some fall clothes, since I have so many coupons to use, and it was really hard for me to buy size 2T, but I know he'll grow into it very soon.

If you haven't noticed, I did a bit of updating on this blog lately. I realized I didn't want to loose the entries I had made on the previously blog because it really did serve as a sort of journal for me while I was pregnant and during Dylan's first year with us. So I decide to move them over to his one. That's why I now have entries for 201o when I didn't really start this until this past June. I know this is all information no one needs to know or cares to know about, but it took me almost all night to do it and I felt I needed to share! :)

Unfortunately I don't have a picture to post for this blog. Aside from his first day of school, I haven't taken any pictures in almost a month...my DSLR hasn't been used in a month!!! That's unheard of!!! We also haven't taken very much video of Dylan either, and he's doing so many cute things right now too. So I'll leave you with a picture of Dylan at the Pumpkin Patch last year...I can't wait!!! :)

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