Halloween 2011

This has definitely not been Dylan's month. We've had to visit Dr. Coco for ear infections, his fractured leg, and this past weekend for pink eye. I assured him we'd try not to see him again before Dylan's 18-month well visit...he said, "Okay, see you next week." I tried to avoid this, but I think it's time to put Dylan in the bubble I've been saving since the day he was born. Because of the pink eye (and fever he had when he woke up from his nap) we had to miss a birthday party and the fall festivals I was thinking about taking Dylan to. He's feeling better, but has been tired a lot. He also figured out how to stand up and walk on his cast and he seems very happy with his reunion with mobility and independence.

Cleaning the kitchen...he's so helpful!

On Sunday we drove up to Denton to take Joey to lunch for his birthday. Then we finally took Dylan back to the park since he fractured his leg. Now that he was able to walk again we figured he would be okay, and he had a great time...he cried when we left. I also took his Harry Potter costume hoping I could snap some pictures of him.

I am...Dylan Potter!

Without the robe he just looked like a car salesman...but still cute enough to have 2 little girls after him ;)

Brave enough to take on the slides again, even it was the baby slide.

We were so excited to take Dylan trick-or-treating for the first time this year. Last year Keith & I were both sick and barely had the energy to even dress him up. Dylan was pretty tired (since he's been sick) but we still dragged the poor thing out. He wasn't quite sure what to do and what was going on but he enjoyed seeing the other kids with their costumes.

Dylan starting to get tired...

And then Dylan's done...

Only 2 more weeks until Dylan's cast hopefully comes off...I'm very excited!!!

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