Dylan's cast comes off!!!

Well the big day finally came...Dylan's cast was removed, yea!!! In the past 2 weeks he's learned how to get around really well with it on. It didn't even phase him anymore, with the exception of not being able to play on the playground at school. And since his teacher's at school were so great with him (and me) I decided to make them a "thank you" card.

I've seen so many people using chalkboards in their pictures and wanted to try it too. However no one sells cute chalkboards, so I made my own. I just bought a cute picture frame and painted the glass with chalkboard spray paint. I made it specifically for this picture/idea, but its definitely a must for future pictures now!

Keith sneaking in on Dylan's pictures :)

While at the park there was a man there playing with his remote-controlled car...he ran to go check it out!

The last few days in his cast!

On Tuesday Keith took the morning off to take Dylan back to Children's so we could hopefully get the cast removed. Luckily the x-rays showed good bone growth and we were given the "OK" we were hoping for. We were so excited!!! Aside from a scab on his heel due to the cast shifting, his leg was okay, just a little stinky. He sometimes walks like he still has the cast on and is still turning his left foot out, but they said he should fix that in about 2 weeks. When I picked him up that afternoon I was so happy to see him outside on the playground with his friends again. I didn't realize how much that stupid cast affected me until it was finally gone...it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt more relaxed Tuesday afternoon than I've felt since the trip to the ER last month. It's so great to have my Dylan back :)

Wednesday was Keith's birthday so for dinner we went to Uncle Julio's. Dylan has started to love Mexican food lately, and apparently the music too!
The cutest video I have of him so far!

Today Dylan is 18 months...where does the time fly! Daddy took him to the park this morning and we were going to take Dylan to the UNT football game tonight (his 1st this football season) but unfortunately he's had a fever of 104 all day, so we stayed home and let Keith go. I hope he starts feeling better soon, we have a whole week off to play! So excited for Thanksgiving!!!
Measuring Dylan's height!

He's grown so much in 4 months :)

My little bookworm...

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