Christmas at the Gaylord

I love going to the Gaylord Texan during the Christmas season...it's always so festive! And especially for a photog like myself, a great opportunity to snap some adorable holiday pics :) So this past weekend we took my parents while they were in town!
On Santa's sleigh!

My parents and little brother...I love how unenthusiastic Joey looks!

Poor Dylan, looking so sick :(

Nothing's cuter than a little boy in his argyle sweater vest!

Unfortunately Dylan didn't feel much better afterward and turns out he has more ear infections. He's on another antibiotic and is doing better but still has a pretty bad cold. And my poor MacBook is also sick! He needs some more memory to make him work a little faster...apparently Photoshop softwares like to hog up all of your computer's memory, which I use, a lot. So I ordered some more and it'll hopefully be here soon...so excited for my Mac to be back to normal! Seriously, my laptop means everything to me! I know it sounds dramatic...

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